Love, death, age…


“The fashion these days is to drop dead…”! Classic Rock magazine have managed to outdo themselves with another Deep Purple cover for their April 2017 edition.  It also features a cover mounted CD which includes the two singles, rare and (one) exclusive live tracks and some deleted b-sides, all from the current and recent albums.  Thanks for the heads up from John McEvoy.
Our DTB discography gnomes are busy compiling a database of all the tracks as I’m sure I am not the only one who is hopelessly confused by what’s out there in the fabulous zooniverse we now inhabit.

In the meantime to save my tired fingers (blasting through the Machine Head book chapters all week!) Tim Summers has sent us the back cover which details all the track origins.  So the only thing you can’t get elsewhere is a rendition of Black Night from Italy.  I do like the little paragraph on the back telling you where to send unwanted CDs for recycling….

We will be reviewing the album next week, stay tuned.


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14 Responses to “Love, death, age…”

  1. Roy Davies Says:

    Arguably the best magazine CD extra by ‘Classic rock’ ever. So keep the CD and ditch the mag; its full of lazy journalism and not been worth the cover price for a couple of years to be honest.

    and am I the only one a bit uncomfortable with the fact that after years of sniggering, mocking and dismissive comments suddenly the BBC ( specifically radio 2) now deems the band fit for inclusion on a daytime play list?

  2. Doug Anderson Says:

    The article in the mag was really good.
    I watched the Sky Arts doc a week or so after reading the article and had a massive case of deja vu, much of the magazine article is word for word taken from the doc. Cheeky. Still, a good documentary.

  3. Mark Nolde Says:

    I might be tempted to buy this issue through you because it seems no longer it is being sold in Rotterdam magazines shops?

  4. John Blackburn Says:

    blimey.. I’ve just bought my first copy of “Classic Rock” for… many years, mostly for the new album teasers. Typically I like the four tracks from the new album… but then I really love the bands recent material, I wonder if Don’s influence has driven forward the harmonic content that really pleases my ear, dunno. Also typically, though, are the naff live versions of “old” Purple material… confirming why I won’t be attending any concerts. Can we have a “morse era” only gig please? They are a great band, they just need to play their own material from the last 23 years and skip most of the stuff from before that.

  5. Bernard Maasdijk Says:

    The actual bonus here is that a certain track is NOT included. Kudos to DP and the label for avoiding Smoke this time around.

  6. Chris Brown Says:

    First Sign of Madness was first available on the UK CD single Vincent Price and not Above and Beyond and then as part of the Gold Deluxe Edition of Now What?!

  7. Gerd Hanke Says:

    Thanks for letting us know. “So the only thing you can’t get elsewhere is a rendition of Black Night from Italy” … – we do have a rendition of Black Night from Rome on the “Now What?! Live Tapes”. To be on the safe side I’ve just ordered Classic Rock’s April 2017 edition featuring Black Night (live in Milan) – how obsessed can one be?

  8. Mark W Says:

    Apparently the album is Radio 2’s album of the week next week

  9. McMadd Says:

    Good to see recycling in action #LeadersInTheirField

  10. SF Says:

    They made a mistake.

    “First Sign of Madness” was released on the “Vincent Price” single, not Above and Beyond.

    Where can I order it for international shipping?

    • simon robinson Says:

      We have bulk ordered copies in the past for people outside the UK, I’ll see if we can get some copies for resale.

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