National charts

Over Easter, Infinite has been number one in the rock charts, and number one in the independent label charts, but remarkably it is at number six in the national UK album charts up against yer Ed Sheerans and Take Thats (and people I’ve never heard of!).

UK natioanl album chart



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5 Responses to “National charts”

  1. Vincent Brightling Says:

    Pretty remarkable. Last time they were that high was Perfect Strangers when it got to 5. A strong campaign is driving this. They should really make good on their promise and play Later.

  2. James Says:

    No.1 in Germany
    1 in Switzerland too
    3 in Italy
    3 in Norway
    6 in Netherlands
    7 in Belgium
    15 in France
    20 in Australia

    These are the full album charts, not just rock. Can’t be bad!

    105 in the US – hmmm.

  3. Marcelo Says:

    As much as I like to see Deep Purple chart high on sales, and I really do, we must remember the pool is smaller now. What makes for a top 10 nowadays hardly would make top 100, or maybe top 500, when Bananas was released, for example. The demographics that still bys CDs fits a good deal of Deep Purple’s fandom, but the real measure of popularity for music these days is in streaming services, I’d say. (Me, I’m listening to Infinite on Spotify every day to try to help it chart.)

    • simon robinson Says:

      Take your point Marcelo, but given the names it is mixing with, it still seems quite an achievement.

  4. richard taylor Says:

    Press the update button and it slips up to no.4!!

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