More Rainbow

Rainbow Birmingham 2CD

I don’t think we needed a tarot woman to predict that the audio of Rainbow‘s 2016 NEC show (or whatever they’re called the arena this week!) would appear as a stand alone 2CD release after a suitable window for the set which first turned up as a bonus on the Japanese edition of the 2016 tour set last year. Live In Birmingham 2016 also includes two songs not performed at the German shows, Burn and Soldier Of Fortune.  According to people who did all three gigs (and Ritchie!) the NEC was the best of the lot.
1 Highway Star / Spotlight Kid / Mistreated / Since You Been Gone / Man On The Silver Mountain / Soldier Of Fortune / Difficult To Cure / Catch The Rainbow.  
2 Perfect Strangers / Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll / Child In Time / Stargazer / Medley: Black Night / Woman From Tokyo / Black Night / Burn / Smoke On The Water
This is by way of the build up to this years concerts and is out the second week of June. I’m not sure if this is the finished cover, but it is the image sent out with the press release.


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7 Responses to “More Rainbow”

  1. Robert Lundgren Says:

    I just got my copy of this CD and I must confess I am very surprised at the poor mix. The biggest problem is that the guitar is very low and “distant”; the playing seems OK (well, its not ’76, but…) so there is nothing to be ashamed of. (The less said about the artwork, the better… but after being so disappointed about the music presentation, I can’t say I care anyway).

    Why do companies put out products like these? Why not spend a little more effort on quality? I’m sure it would be financially rewarded many times over. Do they really think I will by their next product after this?

    My advice to anyone interested in buying it: Listen to it before you pay for a copy.

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    So long as they focus on Rainbow not old DP Mk2 material it is ok – Rainbow has more than enough classics to last…I recycled my cd that had an awful version of Child in Time – ruined it.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I didn’t buy it Ian, but will probably pick up the NEC set when it comes out. They are said to be doing more Rainbow stuff this next tour.

      • IAN DOUGLAS Says:

        Yes it’s difficult to compare Rainbow Original and “Revisited” but yesterday listening to Dio’s great album Magica and the classic song All About Love just sends chills down the spine and I could picture that being a “best” of Rainbow set from 1976! Big shoes to fill and the Karaoke Kid is not up to scratch I think, regrettably so. Jorn or Stef Bergrren would have been stronger choices. Visit that album, much underrated but the song is a killer!

  3. Aden Says:

    Simon, I heard the rumor Richie is working on new material. Any idea? It feel’s like early 90s again, when Pink Floyd and Roger Waters both released the new album. In the mean time, somewhere in one of the parallel universes, Deep Purple MKII is releasing their last album!

  4. Gerd Hanke Says:

    Ohnothimagain. Just ordered the album at … – “voraussichtlicher Liefertermin ist der 31.5.2017” …

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