The Chart Show

David Browne has put together a chart for those of us who enjoy stats, which compares the highest positions reached for Now What with the new album Infinite.  This chart covers the first month of the new release, but realistically unless there is a sudden surge somewhere this should be the final best placings. It gives us a good idea of where it has sold best and while it hasn’t got quite as many number 1 slots, it has charted higher in more countries than Now What. Infinite has also given the band 7 ‘best chart position since’ placings, sometimes as far back as the Seventies, and it is the best selling album for the band in the UK since 1984 which is a real milestone. World sales are estimated at 135,000 for the month although this figure will grow.

Deep Purple Infinite chart positions


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5 Responses to “The Chart Show”

  1. Vincent Brightling Says:

    Hmm..Republic of Ireland 87 up to 52. No wonder they haven’t played here since ’03. I am curious as to why there’s such a massive difference between UK chart positions and RoI positions. I would have thought we’d be much closer. Anyway, at least sales are up on Now What!!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Now that I cannot account for, maybe the band should get the Riverdance guy to choreograph the next video?!

  2. Leftin Says:

    Purple’s last album? Methinks not! Could you see them doing festival headliners after the world tour? Rainbow are doing well there. The apparent attempts of the media to discredit Purple have failed. (Hope the same happens for Corbyn, haha!)

    • simon robinson Says:

      I think with Rainbow it’s the scarcity value which is helping, so maybe Purple could try that option. As for JC, I can’t possibly comment. But he’s right about public holidays, we’re way behind the rest of the world there!

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