Alt sleeve

Deep Purple Infinite alternate Australian sleeve

For those who only bought the regular CD (hands up!) here is the cover variation of the 2 disc edition of the new album, the one with regular CD and the DVD combined.  I imagine in the age of vinyl us collectors would be madly trying to locate copies as it does look very different with this image on the front! Still finding that type a bit heavy handed mind…
How’s the actual music on the album faring up a month on though? I actually put a few tracks on, then ran some from Now What right after to try and get a feel for the two side by side at the weekend (while I was testing the hi-fi having finally got it onto the new shelves!).  I think my faves from Now What have a bit of an edge, sounding more thought out and planned. The stand-outs on Infinite still hold good though.  Now we’re just four days from seeing which tracks make it to the new set!  Sweepstake anyone?

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15 Responses to “Alt sleeve”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Yep – half a year later I captured one of the last copys from Australia, purchased via ebay.
    Now sits proud in my collection next to its companions.
    Most rare and a real collectible.

  2. Bruce Says:

    And where can I buy that particular version with that cover?
    Amazon, jpc, mediamarkt, müller, saturn, ebay? Not a single copy anywhere in Germany!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I was told it was unique to Australia, but some people say it appeared on the CD / DVD two disc edition elsewhere.

  3. Bernard Maasdijk Says:

    I generally enjoy latter day Deep Purple quite a bit. But tonight I gave Who Do We Think We Are a spin. There’s no comparison really. Even the extended remix of Our Lady, which I always considered a rather pedestrian end to the original Mark II period, blows most if not all of Infinite out of the icy water.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Different times and a different band Bernard, but I wouldn’t refuse a ride back in the Tardis that’s for sure. Provided the Doctor’s assistant was also from 1973…

      • Bernard Maasdijk Says:

        Oops, I will tune down the Statler and Waldorf act. On a more postive note then, I like the Wacken/Budokan doubles a lot, Gillan doing a much better job than expected after all the comments on the internet.

    • Leslie Hedger Says:

      Our lady is one of my favorite Purple songs. I always thought they should perform it with a choir.

  4. Charles Malkin Says:

    Hi Simon

    In answer to your question on which Infinite tracks should make it into the live set, I’d opt for Time for Bedlam, Hip Boots, The Surprising and Birds of Prey. If they were bold enough to accommodate a fifth new track, I’d suggest Johnny’s Band to give Strange Kind of Woman a well-deserved break from the “swing” section of the set.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well you seem to have pretty much got your wish Charles! Hip Boots should be brought in for the encore then we’d both be happy.

  5. purpledaniel Says:

    Simon can you investigate the name of the actual icebreaker boat?

  6. Mike Whiteley Says:

    Hi Simon.
    Judging from the few entries on the Reviews page,the excitement around the latest album fizzled pretty quickly. I’ll listen to inFinite as much as Abandon & Bananas, far more than Rapture, & far less than Purpendicular and Now What. It fell out of heavy rotation on my stereo very early on.

    • simon robinson Says:

      It would be interesting to poll the Morse era studio albums. Rapture would be bottom of my personal list, Purpendicular tops, Abandon second, after which I’d want to make a compilation up.

  7. Leslie Hedger Says:

    I gave up on Infinite. To me all tracks are just bland. “Now What” is much better in my opinion.

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