Infinite set-list spoiler!


Well the wait is over and the Infinite tour set list is now doing the rounds after Saturday’s opening show.  And no fewer than four songs from the new album have made it, including what seem to be the top three judging from most people’s feedback on the album.  And interestingly two songs from Now What have also stayed the distance. However this does mean that there is only one other reunion era track left, and the other half of the set is much as before.

If you do not want know the details look away now!

Time For Bedlam / Fireball / Bloodsucker / Strange Kind of Woman  / Johnny’s Band  / Uncommon Man  / The Surprising  / Lazy  / Birds Of Prey  / Hell To Pay  / Perfect Strangers  / Space Truckin’ / Smoke On The Water. Encores : Highway Star / Hush / Black Night

Seems a bit of a shame to break up the two new ‘epics’ with Lazy on the face of it, but we’ll have to wait and hear how it sounds.

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6 Responses to “Infinite set-list spoiler!”

  1. Simon B Says:

    Looking at the world’s leading copyright busting video site it would seem that Time for Bedlam is the best opening number experiment since 1972. Ted the Mechanic wasn’t a bad variation, but Time for Bedlam will be a cracker once the wrinkles are ironed out

  2. Leftin Says:

    Six Morse-era tracks – that’s encouraging. Ok, seven if you count Bludsucker. Hope Hip Boots returns – it sounds like Purple reclaiming Still of the Night from Rat Bat Blue, if that makes sense.

    • simon robinson Says:

      It doesn’t as a read it, but will keep this in mind when I play it next!

      • Leftin Says:

        Seems to be your fave track from the album. Mine too. Apart from the keyboards playing the riff – that always dilutes the power of a guitar/bass riff (he wrote, fussily!).

  3. Rob Corich Says:

    Lazy was really good to hear in Bucharesti.
    It worked extremely well where it was placed and the crowd loved it. No complaints with anything they played and apart from Ian fluffing the beginning of Time For Bedlam it was almost faultless. Don played what sounded like some local ditty in his solo, I suppose we will have Jerusalem or something for the English gigs.
    I thought they might rip into a few bars of Roadhouse at the beginning of Black Night but sadly this was not to be.

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