Purple People

Glenn Hughes bootleg

A wedge of Glenn Hughes back-catalogue is appearing through the new Purple label run via Cherry Red.  Some offer no extras over and above what has been out before, but Feel gains a bonus disc of live material from Holland, Germany and Japan recorded in 1994.  Source is not known, the shows have all appeared as bootlegs but they may have gone looking for original tapes.  Addiction, one of my faves from the man, has a live show from Holland in 1995 as a bonus disc. Again this has appeared as a decent bootleg before (one of the boot sleeves is shown above.)  Thanks to Mark Maddock.
(A few people keep asking but this is nothing to do with the Purple label as run by Simon which was closed a few years ago now after Tony Edwards died.)
Also busy on the archive front is Graham Bonnet, with a new Anthology CD/DVD combo any time and there is a more recent CD/DVD set taken from a festival slot in Italy in 2016 also on the way.  His biography is in the very final stages of production and is expected to be in print during June. Check the publisher’s site for more info or to register for early details.  Thanks to Stephen Hines for the info (and owner of one of the best email names I’ve seen so far!).


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6 Responses to “Purple People”

  1. Leftin Says:

    Agree Addiction is good, but so was From Now On – possibly a little too AOR for DTB. Feel had some great tracks as well.

    I got that bootleg you’ve pictured at a Record Fair – think it was reasonably-priced as well. The sound quality is, well, sound, and Glenn has a go at someone in the audience, unusually. “This is not a heavy metal band, m/f!”

  2. Mr M Says:

    Well, I know the full story behind the 1995 recording of Holland. How it was recorded, mixed, etc. Please, let me know If anyone is interested. The master is still around my city.

  3. Heavy Metal Overload Says:

    Addiction is an incredible album, so overlooked.

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