I Surrender (redux)

Us old stick in the muds will be tested come May 26th when Rainbow release two download only tracks via iTunes.  They’ve done a re-recording of I Surrender with the current singer Ronnie Romero, and a new track, Land Of Hope And Glory.  Both tracks are greyed out on iTunes right now, so you cannot get a preview listen but those in the know suggest the remake is more guitar heavy.  Thanks to Tim Summers for the heads up, he says Ronnie has been hinting at this for some time now, and it makes a clever gee-up ahead of the live shows.

Rainbow I Surrender 2017 re-recording download.


14 Responses to “I Surrender (redux)”

  1. IanG Says:

    It’s up on youtube now. By a country mile it is the worst thing RB has even done. Sounds like a karaoke machine track with horrible vocals just to put the tin hat on proceedings. I urge you to check it out before you buy it. You have been warned.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I have been warned. I heard the b-side. The rest of the band aren’t even on it, they have been quick to point out!

  2. Roy Davies Says:

    Not sure why everyone is getting so animated over a remake of a Rainbow cover and a Blackmore’s Night reject? I hope any future ‘originals collection’ (dare we call them albums anymore?) is recorded in a studio rather than bashed through ProTools too…….

  3. John M. Says:

    Instrumental was ok, but, I Surrender was not as good as the original. It looks to me like the flame is out. I really hope the forthcoming gigs prove me wrong.

  4. Jeff Breis Says:

    Ritchie is right there, sounds very good. I like Ronnie’s voice, nice job.
    The drumming on ‘I Surrender’ sounds like he’s slapping his thighs & knees to get the rhythm. It’s awful!
    I guess that $2.58 to download two songs is OK, but I’d be sad if I spent a tenner for this on a CD single.
    Bring on the live recordings!

    • Jeff Breis Says:

      I must retract my statement about the drum sound. I first listened to ‘I Surrender’ through my computer speakers, and it sounded bad.
      I listened to it again through my regular stereo speakers and it sounds pretty damn good.
      My apologies to the drummer.

  5. Chris Brown Says:

    The 2017 version of I Surrender doesn’t have the polished AOR production of the original however it does have Blackmore’s unmistakable guitar and a good vocal performance from Romero – the rest of the band sound a little awkward especially the drums, If you’re going to re-record one of your songs again at least try to improve upon it.
    Land of Hope and Glory – the intro could be from Blackmore’s Night,
    apart from a nice guitar solo at the end of the song, it doesn’t do much for me.
    Both tracks sound like a demos – would have preferred the band tackle a Dio era track, something with a bit more power!
    Will we ever see some original material!!!

  6. Mark B Says:

    Both “singles” popped up on iTunes this morning. First thought is they are “pleasant”. I Surrender has no (to my ears) electric rhythm guitar on it – the opening verse is virtually electrobeat! The lead guitar is nice and the noodling in the coda is good. Blackmore’s guitar tone is just beautiful, I have to say. Romero shows he has a good pair of lungs once more. Land Of Hope & Glory is exactly what I expected – pleasant, but uninspired. It sounds like a Blackmore’s NIght outtake.

  7. Rob Says:

    Not sure what to make of it but at least Ritchie’s playing the Strat!

  8. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    I think JLT would have been a far better choice for vocalist in the New Rainbow – or even Doogie White (the latter much underrated and I understand that last album is being reissued with extras)

  9. mcmadd Says:

    I’m still not going…

  10. John Joseph Blackburn Says:

    I can’t wait to hear Roddie Rodeo sing “I surrender”.. at least they might have practised this one a bit by the time they do the gigs this year. I look forward to a strong and stable version of both tunes.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Indeed, a recording for the many not the few in fact! PS Mr prospective Labour Hallam candidate, I take it your refusal to answer my email question (just one) about whether you support flogging our grade 2 listed Central Library and Art Gallery to the Chinese for a hotel means you’re up for it?

  11. SF Says:

    itunes, (sarcastic) great…
    How about something that offers WAV, or a CD, does nobody make DC singles anymore?…

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