Awful news from Manchester today.  It’s a city which has always meant a lot to us at DTB. We go back regularly for a mooch and a culture fix at the galleries.  We’ve seen Deep Purple (and others) at the Arena and were hoping to catch them there again later this year.  Many of us will remember the destruction caused near by to the Corn Exchange during the IRA violence in 1996, and history since then demonstrates both the futility of this sort of action and how a city can recover.  But to the people caught up in this attack last night that will be of very little comfort.


4 Responses to “Manchester”

  1. Leftin Says:

    Well-said. To target children takes a coward of the lowest kind. Manchester is a wonderful city. God bless everyone affected by this mindlessness.

  2. Charles Malkin Says:

    Sensitive words, Simon, Thank you

  3. Kosh Says:

    I can only add to what Simon has said, as I was born in Manchester and have seen Radiohead at the MEN arena in the past. Indeed we are due to watch Rainbow at the same venue in a little under a month. It gives me huge pause for thought, as this is a huge shock and awful news. What can good women and men do in the face of such reckless hate? My thoughts are with all of those involved.

  4. Arthur Smith Says:

    Very sad day for live music

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