47th anniversary reprint!

Deep Purple In Rock

What were you doing on June 5th forty-seven years ago?  Me I was probably trying to dodge flying board rubbers in double english (the teacher had this habit of lobbing them at high velocity in the vague direction of anyone he thought wasn’t paying attention…)
Some however were lucky enough to be in town picking up Deep Purple In Rock, released that day (or perhaps the single Black Night, issued at the same time.)
I was reminded of this only because the reprint of the book Deep Purple – Wait For The Ricochet is at last back in stock at the publishers.  Everyone who pre-ordered the reprint has had their copy shipped, but if you missed it first time round, now is your chance (but don’t dilly dally as a third of the stock has apparently shipped already.)

The book basically covers the entire build up from the first days of Mk 2 through the recording sessions for the first Mk 2 studio album and then the In Rock tour, an intense two year period, researched in remarkable detail, chock full of photos and memorabilia. From Jon Lord’s mum defending her lad in the Melody Maker, to Roger Glover’s hints for dying crushed velvet trousers green. From the location of the gig where Gillan was auditioned, to Ritchie shopping for strobe lights. From the In Rock engineer’s matter of fact description of Ritchie recording the guitar solo for Child In Time,  to Ian Gillan Black Night contemporary press reviewexplaining the need for tight trousers to sing the vocals, it’s all here.  What’s more there is a discount on the retail price which is extended for the next two weeks if you order through the publisher’s shop. The links below will give you more information and page visuals.
And if you already have the book, celebrate like I am by playing a cut or two off the album later today (to get Liar Liar out of your brain if nothing else!).

link to shop
link to publisher’s pages about the book
reviews of the first edition

In Rock book cover, Wait For The Ricochet.




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13 Responses to “47th anniversary reprint!”

  1. Ross Cowan Says:

    I received a copy this morning. V. impressed. I look forward to going through it properly. I am very taken with Nigel Abbott’s scratchy, long exposure shot on the title page – fantastic! It’d make a great print or poster.

  2. Leftin Says:

    Interesting review of Black Night. But the last part might’ve read: “Flip: Speed King (Heck!).” It must’ve sounded pretty out there in 1970.

    • simon robinson Says:

      It did. I must have played Speed King three times in a row when I got the single, and was hooked forever.

      • Leftin Says:

        Don’t blame you at all. Even today, it sounds very heavy but not forced, and lithe. Have always really liked the earlier take of Speed King (with piano). Surprised that didn’t make it as a non-album follow-up to Black Night.

  3. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    I’m 57 now Simon and have just received my copy! I now need to go out and get a pair of magnifying glasses because the type size is so small! You must have a lot to say in this book!

  4. John M. Says:

    Any word on ‘Fire in the sky’ release date? The EOTE page mentioned Summer 2017. I’m hoping the quality of this one will be as good as WFTR.

  5. Bernard Maasdijk Says:

    I got this 3 years ago through Dutch friends of ours living in Manchester and it’s awesome – a phrase I don’t use lightly. Very much looking forward to the Fire in the Sky book.

  6. Gerd Hanke Says:

    Thanks for the reminder. “In Rock” is on the turntable right now – Whitmonday half past eight in the morning – much to the neighbours’ delight. ;-)

  7. Mark Bilinski Says:

    Was SR in Mr. McClanahan’s class? PAY ATTENTION! Ian Gillian explaining the need to wear tight trousers to sing the vocals? LOL!
    On Sun, Jun 4, 2017 at 11:30 PM darker than blue wrote:

    > simon robinson posted: ” What were you doing on June 5th forty-seven years > ago? Me I was probably trying to dodge flying board rubbers in double > english (the teacher had this habit of lobbing them at high velocity in the > vague direction of anyone he thought wasn’t paying atten” >

    • simon robinson Says:

      I can’t actually remember too many of the teacher’s names, only the nicknames we gave them. And Mr. Jones the art teacher.

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