Hard at work

Ritchie Blackmore Rainbow rehearsals 2017

Perhaps mindful of the comments on the three Rainbow shows in 2016, Ritchie and the band have been putting some serious time in for the shows later this month. As well as rehearsals back in America, they are having a week of production rehearsals in the UK immediately before the tour, and posting photos to prove it!  Thanks to Tim Summers for the info.  The show at Manchester Arena is going ahead, as are other gigs at the venue.


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2 Responses to “Hard at work”

  1. Leslie Hedger Says:

    I hope these shows are taped.

  2. Leftin Says:

    Thanks for the news. I think this line-up of Rainbow has something. The rhythm section has a lightness which some have criticised, but trying to do a Powell/Bain now wouldn’t seem right, and these guys get the feel just right. Stargazer was definitely the highlight for most of us, and for Ronnie Romero, and when you consider he’s covered Lady of the Lake with his own band, we could be in for some great album tracks. Highway Star did make a surprisingly good opener. I prefer Romero’s voice to Turner’s on I Surrender (and elsewhere).

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