June 9th

Deep Purple 1969 promo photograph

Someone sent us this nice old promo 10X8 and reminded me it is Jon Lord’s birthday today, so a nice way to remember the old gimmer. It was taken back in 1969 at Mk 2’s very first photo shoot.  And it’s always nice to see him “at it” on stage, as in this nice pic taken on the final Mk 2 US tour in early 1973.  Thanks to Vince Chong.

Jon Lord 1973


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4 Responses to “June 9th”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    love the album Before I Forget!

  2. jean-paul marquis Says:

    Jon was a very GREAT musician and friend !!

  3. Leslie Hedger Says:

    What a great Musician Jon was!! A box set of his solo work would be nice. Wish it would happen! Lord and Blackmore equal the most powerful Keyboard/Guitar Combo of all time!!!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I did do quite a lot of work on a 2CD compilation a couple of years ago for one of the major labels (Universal I think) but sadly it fizzled out for reasons I can’t remember, was going to go from Artwoods through to most recent classical works. But it was very hard work trying to get a good cross section onto just two hours!

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