Rainbow have had to pull the Manchester concert. Last week the Arena was saying shows would restart (and we reported this below) but clearly work is taking longer than hoped, and they will not now be able to reopen until September.  It’s probably too late to find an alternate venue.  Ticket holders are being refunded and we know some people who have had their refund already.  UPDATE – forgot to say, the refund also offers a discount on tickets for other shows to make up.


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5 Responses to “Off”

  1. 1537 Says:

    I had bloody tickets for this!

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Listening to the first Album again the past few days – love it and sentimental favourite I suppose since coming out in 1975 if I recall – like yesterday I remember seeing the LP in a favourite shop walking past…. Indeed I hold special store for all the “First – post DP” albums such as Play Me Out (GH); Ian Gillan Band; David Coverdale Whitesnake; Tommy Bolin Private Eyes. . . . . special memories live on!!

  3. Vincent Collins Says:

    The wife bought me a ticket for the Manchester gig for Christmas though I wasn’t that keen given that I saw them at Lorelei and felt I’d be disappointed seeing them again – despite them supposedly improving – a mate who went there too and was going to Manchester being of the same view. (Surely nothing could beat the thrill of seeing The Man in The Band for the first time in a very long time.) Despite this I couldn’t resist the offer of a half-price seat in London where there’s a lot more going on (see DTB piece) so we’ll be going to that. (Birmingham was an option, as was Glasgow, but the first is a dreadful place and the second too far.) A curious aspect of this was that ‘Er Indoors sent me a copy of the cancellation confirmation with the link to the discounted tickets and I could use it – as could anyone it seemed – though whether it could be used more than once I doubt.

  4. r3c0rdc0113ct0r Says:

    Ariana Grande (spelling?) managed to get a huge concert organised at Old Trafford in two weeks, with multiple artists and guest appearances. Gutted that Rainbow’s promoter couldn’t find a venue (GMEX, Old Trafford on Friday?, Man Utd, Etihad?) to restage the gig. Loads of Rainbow fans can’t change their travel plans or hotel bookings at this short notice…pity I can’t pull together a Rainbow tribute act in time, we’d have played for free to those travelling fans…

    • simon robinson Says:

      It is a shame but these things do happen! It’s not that easy to change and find a new venue given the logistics, and I think the Old Trafford event was in a different league. Not sure Rainbow would have suited that as a venue.

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