Deep Purple 1985 US tour gross

This great advert turned up recently, from one of the American music trade papers, bragging about the earnings of Deep Purple’s Perfect Strangers American tour back in 1985.  The tour run from January through to May (with breaks) and generated nearly $7 million in ticket sales, over half a million sold. It was later was recognised as the second biggest grossing tour by anyone in America that year.  And the UK got one show, which happens to be 32 years ago this week!


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3 Responses to “Gross”

  1. Andy Says:

    I saw the show in New Jersey. It was a great show and a great night. I couldn’t believe how heavy Highway Star sounded and I enjoyed the setlist too. I remember they didn’t play Smoke, People were angry, but calm. Although I’ve seen all members of the band play Smoke at some point, I never did get to see Mk II play it.

  2. Leslie Hedger Says:

    They were big here in the States than, during the HOBL tour, RB breaks his finger which causes the rest of the tour to be cancelled. Until that time, the album was getting plenty of airplay and rising in the charts. That all stopped after the rest of the tour was cancelled. DP never recovered here. The next album with JLT didn’t help.

  3. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    good on Perfect Strangers great ad and good album!

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