Rainbow set

Bit of a set list spoiler here for those who aren’t going to see Rainbow, so don’t go futher down the page if you don’t want to know!

On first glance it’s not that different to the 2016 tour but changes have been made.  Spotlight Kid / I Surrender / Mistreated / Since You Been Gone / Man on the Silver Mountain / Sixteenth Century Greensleeves / Soldier of Fortune / Perfect Strangers / Difficult to Cure / All Night Long / Child in Time / Stargazer / Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll

The set list has been changing too, with Black Night and Still I’m Sad in one show, Perfect Strangers dropped from another, and also the running order later on has been moved about. NOTE : Burn, SOTW and Temple of the King have also been aired at some shows according to Stephen Gillott.  Check out people’s thoughts on the show in the comment section below or add your own.


13 Responses to “Rainbow set”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Message to Ritchie: we’d love some original new material from Rainbow! Perhaps then comparisons with previous versions would have less credence. For instance I love Robin Trower’s music and check out his great new album Time and Emotion – if only RB would and could (we know he can) do something forward looking instead of revisiting the past… AND/OR how about interesting re-interpretations of selected past classics?!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks for the tip about Trower, he’s been doing some great stuff in recent years! I’m not sure Ritchie has the team to do a new album of rock tracks, maybe bring in a couple of like-minded writers?

  2. Kosh Says:

    Hi Simon, Burn, SOTW and Temple of the King have also been aired thus far.

  3. andyswallow Says:

    I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, contrary to many other people’s opinions I enjoyed last year. Yes he was a shadow of what he used to be, but any chance to see Ritchie playing that style of music is not to be missed as far as I’m concerned! Better setlist too, drop the Purple stuff, that’s better served elsewhere and if Perfect Strangers (which I guess Ritchie must really like but always struck me as a song for Gillan and Jon Lord to shine) is dropped for Still I’m Sad then I’ll come away a very happy man. See you there folks, enjoy!

  4. Chris Brown Says:

    Glasgow Hydro Setlist:
    Similar list to yours, surprised to hear the band play The Temple of the King.
    Hope they shorten Jens Johansson’s keyboard solo during Difficult to Cure it was horrific! so bad that the crowd lost their patience, shouting and booing at the stage – it felt like an eternity.

    Land of Hope and Glory
    Over the Rainbow
    Spotlight Kid
    I Surrender
    Since You Been Gone
    Man on the Silver Mountain
    Soldier of Fortune
    Perfect Strangers
    Difficult to Cure
    All Night Long
    Child in Time
    Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll

    Black Night
    Temple of the King
    Smoke on the Water

  5. Mark B Says:

    Good afternoon Simon. I toddled along to the O2 and had a jolly evening. Sweet were splendid, much to my surprise. Despite there only being one original member, they were very good fun. Who doesn’t like a bit of Wig Wam Bam and, indeed, Little Willy? As for Blackers……. well, it was an entertaining romp. Our seats were shocking, this despite having got them in the pre-sale! Those that got them later must have had seats outside. I could not see much of the back projection, but what I could seemed a little generic (flames during Burn, anyone)? The biggest cheer of the evening came when Ronnie Dio was projected large during Man on The Silver Mountain. I won’t go through the set list in detail but will list Mistreated, Stargazer and Catch The Rainbow as my highlights. Ritchie has always been a very tasteful guitarist and age has not diminished that one iota. My beef is that he was playing at Blackmore’s Night volume in a rock band setting. Those riffs that once tore your face off (Still I’m Sad, Man on the Silver Mountain and All Night Long, for example) just sounded limp coming from a tiny amp and the PA could not disguise that. He also did his “not playing the riff in full” trick that he has been honing for the last 30 years – All Night Long and Burn, in particularly, had notes missing. I can play those riffs properly, why can’t he? However, the band themselves were considerably more rehearsed and Jens did a great job of filling the holes were rhythm guitar used to be. All told, I’d give it 7 out of 10. Hiawatha didn’t bother too much…………..

  6. marc a spiwak Says:

    If only we can get a couple of shows in the states!

  7. Leftin Says:

    Hands up anyone who thought Lady of the Lake was a cert. Ronnie Romero recorded a cover of the song before joining Rainbow. Maybe at Brum… The version of Burn at Glasgow is really powerful (please see YouTube). Stargazer has been the standout at all 5 shows so far – The Times called it “majestic”, a description usually reserved for the not-quite-so-exciting Kashmir. The performance of Still I’m Sad at London was close to the Doogie White version. Meanwhile, a certain amount of hilarity on YouTube, with someone who may or may not be from Joe Lynn Turner’s family slagging off the current Rainbow, Candice Night, the price of butter, and everything else. Mature.

  8. David McGlone Says:

    Simon, biggest change for me was Catch the Rainbow (a highlight of comeback gigs) dropped in Glasgow for a very much unrehearsed Temple of the King.

    • IAN DOUGLAS Says:

      odd very odd to drop the classic Catch the Rainbow obviously RB did not want to be caught?!

  9. Heavy Metal Overload Says:

    Burn added in Glasgow too!

  10. Heavy Metal Overload Says:

    Glasgow show had Black Night, Temple of the King and Smoke added.

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