Extended play

Deep Purple are releasing Johnny’s Band from Infinite as an audio CD EP in early August.  It’s just the album version (a video has been out for some time) but to tempt collectors comes with a rehearsal jam and three live tracks (two oldies) listed as unreleased, but I’m not sure where from or when.  The cover looks like an old cast-off Gillan band offering!  Thanks to Marcin Zalewski for the notice.

Tracklist: Johnny’s Band (Album Version) / In & Out Jam (Rehearsal Recording) / Strange Kind of Woman / The Mule  / Hell to Pay (All Previously Unreleased)

Deep Purple Johnnys Band EP 2017 CD EP

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5 Responses to “Extended play”

  1. SF Says:

    Maybe it’s the Strange Kind of Woman from Aalborg, that was used on HD tracks, itunes and on russian bootleg.

    And it’s a CD single, not an EP. Any info if vinyl will be available as well, the same as two previous singles?

  2. Janne Says:

    marketing idea: Johnny’s Band t-shirts. I’d buy!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yeah that’s kind of a neat idea, certainly better than the uninspired designs they keep coming up with!

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