A Fire In The Sky

No, not a story about the upcoming Machine Head book of that name, but the title of a new Deep Purple US compilation (though we do wonder where they got the idea!) due in September, most likely to tie in with the band’s tour there.  It’s the first extensive collection for America in a good few years (the Rhino box set being the last biggie I remember), but from the looks of it they’re a bit short on ideas and there isn’t one rare or unissued track across 3CDs (though this does of course mean we can gaze on from afar and leave wallets untroubled.) Two of the discs take the story from 1968 to 1976, but backwards (so track one is off Come Taste, track twenty six is Hush!), the third covers the reunion in 16 tracks. Also backwards.
On top if this there is a stand alone CD set covering the hit singles, half of which are the often weird US radio edits. Plus the immortal Child In Time Part 1. These have just about (it would take me hours to check!) all been curio bonus tracks on reissues and compilations in Europe before. Again, also programmed backwards!
For vinyl lovers they are also putting it out as a SIX album set, which will test the resolve of many collectors; imagine the shipping alone! Not sure about the sleeve, it does kind of remind me of those neat off the wall Warner Brothers mail order compilations they used to offer in the 1970s; I’d probably like it more if they’d used a proper logo. They probably had their orders…  Thanks to Mark Maddock for the info.

Deep Purple Smoke On The Water


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