U.S. tour set list spoiler

The double-header American tour (dates on the site) kicked off last Saturday, and finds Deep Purple clipping back the set a bit to allow for Alice Cooper (and their crew, and Edgar Winter). They have also dropped some of the new album and the show includes just two numbers from Infinite, one as the first encore. It’s hard to know how much of an issue this is as the tour is more ‘three classic bands’ sort of evening out, but dropping Birds Of Prey is a shame and we hope this gets brought back when they return to Scandinavia and Europe in November. One report says they did rehearse Woman From Tokyo for the US leg but not seen it logged yet. Anyhow here’s the set so far, look away now if you want it to stay a surprise!

Deep Purple Smoke On The Water

Highway Star / Fireball / Strange Kind Of Woman / Contact Lost / Uncommon Man / Lazy / The Surprising / Don Airey Solo / Perfect Strangers / Space Trucking / Smoke On The Water. ENCORE Back To Bedlam / Hush

Thanks to Tim Summers and others. One U.S. site lists the dates along with the exact number of unsold tickets! So we know that as of now there are just 391 left for the show in Atlanta, but 1660 for the mad looking open air Jones Beach Theatre in New York State…

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12 Responses to “U.S. tour set list spoiler”

  1. Leftin Says:

    One of UFO’s recent gigs was reviewed favourably, but the set-list was described as “conservative” (meaning they’re still basing the set on Strangers in the Night). The same could be said of Purple’s menu. That they’re having Top 10 albums again suggests there’s less need to rely on Mk.2 classics. We all know there are Mk.7/8 classics! Mechanical Ted to Hip Boots via I Got Your Number – wouldn’t that be fun?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yep, start that petition now! But if the ban themselves argue over which new track to play, I doubt they’d thank us for interfering!

    • SpeedkingATL Says:

      I saw the Atlanta Chastain Park show and I agree that Bedlam was the strongest number of the evening. I must admit that Ian’s voice was showing the strain of the tour but the band was spot on. I do wish they would play more from the Morse timeline but I understand that most fans want to hear the hits.

  2. Steve Hunt Says:

    I managed to catch the first two nights of the tour.Vegas was great,my wife and I were front row on Steve’s side.The guys came out firing on all cylinders with 3 killer tunes playing like mad men then Uncommon Man drops the energy level from the crowd.I think Hip Boots would go over much better in this spot, that tune is taylormade for America.Heavy and bluesy.Lazy was really strong,Steve getting into it with a great lead in to the familiar riff.The Surprising works well on stage,a classic track.Perfect Strangers followed and was epic.Morse really working the whammy bar and bending the strings wrenching out those siren sounds.His son was watching from the wings and bringing him different guitars through the show which was cool to see.Space and Smoke were fine.Time For Bedlam absolutely kicked ass,so damn heavy and aggressive.Best song of the night for me.Hush wound things up to thunderous applause from the audience. The Greek Theater show was another strong performance from the guys, in particular Paicey.He was a joy to watch,He’s still got those quick wrists to whip out those fast fills.Gillan struggled with Fireball,not even getting all the words out during the verses.Maybe that one is too fast to sing now.Hush was extended to over 7+minutes with a fantastic jam between Steve and Don while Ian and Roger kept things in time.The LA crowd was slanted a little more to Alice Cooper while Vegas was split evenly.For me it was great to see 2 of my favorites up close and personal.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Agree about Hip Boots; I’ve seen the energy level drop when they try newer tracks, it must be disheartening.

  3. Jet Auto Jerry Says:

    I was at the L.A. Show on Sunday nite. There were a couple of dozen tix released/available in the front section for face value on Friday before the show (Incl a couple of 2nd row). Same thing happened when they were here with the orchestra but then it was the entire front row to the right. Maybe it is a Greek Theater thing.

    I did not know the setlist before hand and was shocked by it. When they played Smoke I thought that it was weird that it was in the middle of the set and not the end. Well I was shocked that it was the end and the encore was meh. Much too short. A great lineup for the show but Alice’s band was the best on stage that night.

    The set was good for my girlfriend that only kind of knew the hits but not for a long time fan that bought the new album. Heck, they even had the Johnnys Band t-shirt for sale though i can’t imagine that they sold many since they didn’t play the damn song!

    And they needed to turn down Don’s volume. It seemed like it was too much louder then everything else.

    That all being said, what they played they did play well but it left me wanting so much more and if it was the last time that I get to see them it will have left me a little empty.

  4. Mike Whiteley Says:

    Disappointing,completely expected,and the exact reason why I’m skipping the only Canadian show..
    As soon as the North American shows were announced as a 3 band bill,I knew DP would have only about 75 mins on stage.North American audiences only want the hits,so,minimal new stuff…..and you don’t get much more minimal than 2 songs.Putting Bedlam as first encore gives it even less chance of being heard,as lots of folks will head for their cars after Smoke On The Water.

    • simon robinson Says:

      They’ll miss half the set if they leave after Smoke!

      • Jet Auto Jerry Says:

        No Simon, they will only miss 2 songs, and only 1 that they probably know. At least here in the States.

    • Steve Hunt Says:

      Well I think this tour was a last ditch cash grab for both. DP and A.C. know they can pack these large amphitheaters together. And it seems to be working, ticket sales have been strong. My hope is when, not if, Purple come back next year they headline on their own at some smaller venues and give us a full set with Hip Boots, Birds Of Prey and All I Got Is You added in the set.

      • simon robinson Says:

        As we’ve noted before it’s largely dictated by the promoters these days, who will always want to play safe and maximise investment.

  5. Robert Says:

    They didn’t play Birds of Prey?? I hope they do on the UK leg!

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