Here’s five discs for ya!

I guess it makes sense to mark the occasion, even if I don’t see any mention that it’s the 30th anniversary of the seminal 1987 Whitesnake album. Thirty years ago.
Anyhow DC is pushing the boat out with a monster five disc set. The catch is if you bought previous editions (the 25th anniversary edition for example!) you will have a fair chunk of this already, and although the mastering is new I’m not really certain what they could add to previous CD versions (and it sounded pretty effing powerful even back on vinyl!) So it’s make your mind up time: you get the album, a 12 track CD of live recordings from the album tour and potentially of interest on CD3, a disc of album demos. Disc four rounds up the zillions of 12″ and alternate versions, mixes and radio edits which confused collectors so much back in the day, and the videos are on disc 5. I guess at the right price it may be worth upgrading, it’ll be interesting to hear what the new to CD stuff (marked *) is like, though a 2CD set of the rarities might have been a nice guesture.
It’s easy to forget what a phenomena all this was in America at the time, and just how many zillion units it all sold. And that production sound on David’s voice can still send shivers down the spine on the best cuts.
Thanks to Tom Dixon for the gen.  Track list below the search montage.

Whitesnake 1987 album


4CD/DVD Track Listing

Disc One: Original Album 2017 Remaster
1.“Still Of The Night”
2.“Give Me All Your Love”
3.“Bad Boys”
4.“Is This Love”
5.“Here I Go Again 87”
6.“Straight For The Heart”
7.“Looking For Love”
8.“Children Of The Night”
9.“You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again”
10.“Crying In The Rain”
11.“Don’t Turn Away”

Disc Two: Snakeskin Boots [Live On Tour 1987-88]
1.“Bad Boys/Children Of The Night” *
2.“Slide It In” *
3.“Slow An’ Easy” *
4.“Here I Go Again” *
5.“Guilty Of Love” *
6.“Is This Love” *
7.“Love Ain’t No Stranger” *
8.Guitar Solo – Adrian and Vivian *
9.“Crying In The Rain” *
10.“Still Of The Night” *
11.“Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City” *
12.“Give Me All Your Love” *

Disc Three: 87 Evolutions [Demos and Rehearsals]
1.“Still Of The Night” *
2.“Give Me All Your Love” *
3.“Bad Boys” *
4.“Is This Love” *
5.“Straight For the Heart” *
6.“Looking For Love” *
7.“Children Of The Night” *
8.“You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again” *
9.“Crying In The Rain” *
10.“Don’t Turn Away” *
11.“Crying In The Rain” (Lil’ Mountain Alternate Take Ruff Mix) *

Disc Four: 87 Versions [2017 Remixes]
1.“Still Of The Night” – Remix *
2.“Is This Love” – Remix *
3.“Give Me All Your Love” – Remix *
4.“Here I Go Again 87” – Remix *
5.“Standing In The Shadows” – 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
6.“Looking For Love” – 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
7.“You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again” – 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
8.“Need Your Love So Bad” – 1987 Versions, Japanese Mini-Album
9.“Here I Go Again” – Radio Mix
10.“Give Me All Your Love” – Single Version

1.“Still Of The Night” – Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
2.“Here I Go Again 87” – Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
3.“Is This Love” – Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
4.“Give Me All Your Love” – Music Video, Restored and Remixed in 5.1
5.Documentary about the making of 1987 Album *
6.“Here I Go Again” – Purplesnake Video Jam *
7.“Crying In The Rain” – 1987 Tour Video Bootleg *
8.Band Intros – 1987 Tour Video Bootleg *
9.“Still Of The Night” – 1987 Tour Video Bootleg *


12 Responses to “Here’s five discs for ya!”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Ordered the deluxe package from Amazon, now they tell me delivery in January – going to cancel! Why the delay does anyone know?

  2. Roy Davies Says:

    Dolly does seem to have lots of stuff boxed up in the loft….I wonder if he’s got to the Northwinds master tapes yet?

  3. Leftin Says:

    Reckon this album is Whitesnake’s Rising, so the attention to detail here is deserved. How David Coverdale and John Sykes turned a Rat Bat Blue-styled riff-vocal sequence into a rock song to rival Purple and Zeppelin is still a bit of a marvel, and the rest of the album stands up too. Straight for the Heart is considered filler by some, but it would be the stand-out track on a lesser album. Great stuff. It’s just a bit worrying that, in the rock genre, re-releases are becoming more exciting than most new albums.

    • simon robinson Says:

      The industry does seem over-reliant on what was once just a nice side line for us collectors, the market must be finite.

  4. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    fantastic to see this Commemoration!

  5. Steve Downes Says:

    It all comes down to cost and Remastered how? If it’s compressed and the dynamic range is awful…forget it, but if it’s the original and dynamic range intact, count me in.

  6. Mark Says:

    D.C has had my money on release of his products since 1981,and this will also be mine,altho collectors of the band have nearly all of this…even those pesky demos…

  7. Mike Whiteley Says:

    Wow !!
    Can you say “Overkill” ?? Even though WS ’87 is their best album of the last 30 years,this smacks of “padding the retirement fund”.
    DC clearly knows his best stuff is at least 3 decades in his rear-view mirror.

  8. r3c0rdc0113ct0r Says:

    yet more squeezing the fans dry…

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