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height_90_width_90_deeppurple-iangillan-02‘The Vinyl Guide’, a podcast for fans and collectors of vinyl records, interviewed Ian Gillan recently about his records, his time with Black Sabbath, his avoidance of nostalgia and the history and future of the Deep Purple. Ian says they have dates next year and confirms that they have talked about another studio album. He also mentioned that if and when DP get around to actually finishing, his retirement plans include … solo albums and tours! Thanks to Tim Summers for spotting this, and if you fancy a listen the link is below. Not sure how the current set sits alongside the “avoidance of nostalgia” mind you!

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2 Responses to “Vinyl Guide”

  1. mike whiteley Says:

    “…..avoidance of nostalgia” ??
    Through no fault of the band, the recent North American tour was an almost complete exercise in nostalgia, plainly not meant to promote inFinite. By the time it finished, The Surprising had been booted, seemingly due to a lack of audience interest. A fellow Purple fan,who saw the Toronto show, described it to me as “Not a disappointing show,but a disappointing situation.”

    Package tours be damned, I say.

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