Warning, contains Georgia!

Here’s the Glenn Hughes Purple tribute set from one of the Australian shows on the current your there (Sydney). We’ve nicked it from one of those set list sites but it does tally with other reports. A taster for the shows was aired on local TV and can be seen online here:

Not a bad set either; he’s done a few of these during various tours over the years but a couple I don’t recall. Digital audio of some shows also doing the rounds if you know where to go. Thanks to Mike Richards and Tim Summers.
Can’t help wishing Ritchie could take a pay cut and join in but Jeff Kollman has worked with Glenn on these songs before and does a good job. And with the fuzzy picture quality and long hair, it could almost be the 70s again at times!



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12 Responses to “Warning, contains Georgia!”

  1. R Don Says:

    Maybe it’s pyscological but, I always skip to the next track when Hughes or Coverdale attempt MK 2 material.

  2. Roel Glas Says:

    ps. Forgot to mention that the set list was the same as Sydney

  3. Roel Glas Says:

    Hi Simon, Was at the Perth show last Sunday night. Basic stage & lighting set up with a back drop of a very young Glenn in a “hippy” shirt. He was in fine voice and the band were tight. The show started with a voice over describing the huge audience at the ’74 Cal Jam show before ripping into Stormbringer. Great to hear these songs live again with Glenn keeping them fairly faithful. You fool no One even had the blues interlude.
    Didn’t think we needed “smoke” although I suppose he felt obliged. However, we definitely didn’t need Georgia.
    Glenn mentioned he started the tour in Oz with the view of taking it “everywhere”.
    Overall, a good show and worth seeing if “it’s coming your way” .
    I’ll send you a brochure I picked up at the venue.

  4. Steve Nixon Says:

    Just been and seen the show in Perth. Not a sell out but a good crowd. Glenn was in amazing voice and drew several standing ovations. Oddly enough it was the quieter songs that were truly magic to my ears… holy man and this time around were both a vocal masterclass. That said mistreated and the finishing one two couplet of highway star and burn absolutely rocked.
    The band is great…. keyboard player Lachy Doley sure can play and Jeff Kollman on guitar sounded uncannily like Blackmore at times.
    The show was two hours long and for my money well worth it. Glenn said they were touring the show everywhere
    Go see em if you can!

  5. Leslie Hedger Says:

    Sounds great!!!!

  6. Leftin Says:

    Great setlist, thanks! Am sure Glenn’s covered Hush as well. So now Simper, Coverdale and Hughes have all covered their Purple patches. Evans next?

  7. SpeedkingATL Says:

    Looks like a great set but I do wish he would just leave the Mark 2 stuff alone. “Smoke and Highway Star” are simply songs he had nothing to do with.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well to be fair he did sing them as part of the original era band, longer than Gillan and Glover in fact.

    • IAN DOUGLAS Says:

      yes I prefer to hear less of Mk 2 to be honest (so over-exposed I never listen to it now) but I thought they were cracking versions and pretty close to the mark

  8. Graeme Milton (aka DeepOz) Says:

    “One of the shows was aired in part on local TV and can be seen online here:”

    This is incorrect, the setlist from Wednesday night was 12 songs, the TV gig was just 2 songs HS and SOTW (and very abridged at that).

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