Here’s one off our new album…

Incredibly, Deep Purple have been booked for a BBC Radio 2 In Concert, the first time in 45 years! Unless you count the Kilburn show, but that was a proper concert, this is at the BBC Radio Theatre studios and takes place the day before the first UK show at Birmingham. You can register for the ticket draw up to next thursday BUT the event does come with caveats; 70% of the seats will be allocated to London postcodes AND they always send out more tickets than they have seats (apparently to cover the people who get a ticket but don’t turn up) so you might arrive at the door with a ticket… and still not be allowed in! It’s bad enough airlines doing that, but at least you can get another flight. Anyway, them’s the rules. I guess if you’re in London it’s not so bad, for the other 30% it could be a very expensive wasted trip. Show starts at 7.30pm prompt. If you want to risk it, here’s the url.
These days the BBC also often film the In Concert shows and air these online, and it might be that they band will release this later.  Anyone betting on them playing all of their new album (as they did back in ’72)?  Below, IG at the last show backstage, courtesy Stereo33Books and Barry Plummer.

DP one10


13 Responses to “Here’s one off our new album…”

  1. Coronarias Redig Says:

    I know it trips off the tongue that way, but this is a Radio 2 In Concert, not Radio 1!!

  2. Rob Says:

    This is awesome news. Now they need to get on Jools Holland and play some of InFinite

  3. Leftin Says:

    Will they bring back one of those amusing DJs to introduce songs instead of IG? “And this is a number the boys composed after their first trip to Montrose… No, Montreux, sorry!” “And the boys have unusual hobbies… Roger likes painting seashells.” Kind of miss all that.

  4. Leslie Hedger Says:

    The BBC Shows from 1970/1972 are excellent shows. It’s still nice to open up the old album fold out and see the pictures!

    • simon robinson Says:

      If it’s still giving someone pleasure three decades or more later we must have done something right!

  5. Martin Says:

    Ain’t it the same shot used 25 years ago for the IG’s “Cherkazoo” release aided by DPAS?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes indeed. I did that cover for the RPM CD using a photo from a German magazine, as it was uncredited. Then Barry spotted it and get in touch, and we’ve been working with his material ever since.

  6. Jason Stephens Says:

    Very exciting news! Does anyone know if this concert will be broadcast LIVE on radio, or will it be broadcast at a later date?

  7. Roy Davies Says:

    Will Mike Harding be doing those cringe-worthy in-between song intros too?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’d book him just for old times’ sake! Not sure if he’s still around, not easy to find him on the web given his more famous namesake.

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