The Purple Tour

The Purple Tour Whitesnake

No not that one, this one! David Coverdale is putting a new live release out to mark The Purple Album tour of a while ago (the studio LP came out in 2015.) Titled simply The Purple Tour, there is the usual array of formats, CD, CD and DVD/Blu Ray, and double vinyl. Looking at the track list it is actually two thirds Whitesnake songs, but what the heck. RS Publishing are also doing a big format limited edition photo book charting the tour to tie in. All due late November. Thanks to Matt Kean and others for the info. In the meantime some folk have been enjoying reading about DC’s relatives and their early career as false teeth makers in York on our Facebook page!

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5 Responses to “The Purple Tour”

  1. Leslie Hedger Says:

    I actually liked the Purple Album and still play it. Best track to me was YFNO. Looking forward to this.

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    apparently the 2016? concert Ramblin Man Fair was a really good Whitesnake show and got good reviews – and even the set list seemed interesting – so I wish that could be released instead!

  3. R Don Says:

    The Purple album was the most ill conceived album in DC’s career. Do we need reminding how bad it is?

  4. deKE Says:

    I dunno …
    I just purchased the whole 30 year deluxe deal.
    In other words No Sykes …No thanks….

  5. sdDave Says:

    really not my thing. I loved his deep timbre, um, Goldies Place anyone???

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