The Purple Tour

Yes, that one.  Anyone following the U.S. tour set lists with dismay will be happy to learn that the Stockholm show on the 6th November saw FOUR songs from the current album return, so with one track off the previous album and two from Perfect Strangers, the set is a touch over 50% reunion (plus the encore). Which is nice. I’ll stick the full set list (minus solos etc) below the photo, so don’t look if you’re trying to hold out for the shows in a couple of weeks! You’ll never manage. We were at an antique fair earlier this year and wanted to watch the F1 highlights when we got home, some sod announced the result over the tannoy.


Time for Bedlam / Fireball / Bloodsucker / Strange Kind of Woman / All I Got is You / Uncommon Man / The Surprising / Lazy / Birds of Prey / Knocking at Your Back Door / Perfect Strangers / Space Truckin’ / Smoke on the Water – Encore Hush / Black Night

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9 Responses to “The Purple Tour”

  1. Saul Evans Says:

    Delighted with that set list – hope they keep it for the London gig in a couple of weeks

  2. jason guttridge Says:

    Hi, when will the boys be back in Australia I can’t wait to see them again, Jason

  3. Rob Says:

    Great to see inFinite back in the set list.
    Lovely to see All I got is you in there too. I would love to hear One night in Vegas.
    Personally I would like to see Knocking and Lazy dropped in favour of new/old songs.
    All that said we get Birds of Prey! That makes up for everything.

  4. Clive Bindley Says:

    Wow, you changed it, that was quick LOL

  5. Gerd Hanke Says:

    oh, you’re into F1, too? Wouldn’t have thought that …

  6. Peder Says:

    It was a great night. A few technical problems with the keyboards but overall a great concert. Band was tight as always and Gillan was in good form. Talking and telling stories between songs like he used to do years ago.
    I enjoyed the setlist..

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