Sorry Bruce…

Deep Purple were a no-show for Ken Bruce this morning and all mention of it on the BBC website vanished. Apparently rather than a special session, the routine is for Ken to go across live to the morning sound check for the In Concert performance, have a quick chat and hear a live track.  Nobody at the BBC had realised Deep Purple don’t do early morning sound checks!  Instead he played ‘Black Night’ studio version and plugged the concert for tonight (and IG’s appearance on Simon Mayo’s ‘Drivetime’ before it), see below.  Jeremy Vine popped up to plug his own show and did a little ‘Smoke on the Water’ gag as well… Radio 2 blasted out Speed King last night at the request of Bruce Dickinson. It sounded stunning, especially compared to much of what they were airing. Certainly didn’t sound 47 years old! Thanks to Tim Summers, our man in the radio car.

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4 Responses to “Sorry Bruce…”

  1. Alan Taylor Says:

    Just dug out Singles As & Bs and the 25th Anniversary in Rock and the harmonies are there, more evident on the CD. I had completely blanked that….

  2. Alan Taylor Says:

    Speed King did sound powerful on the radio even though the BBC played some remix of the piano version (it had harmony vocals? From the new compilation possibly?). And Dickinson called them on it “As a Deep Purple geek….”

  3. Bangel150 Says:

    Probably all Ritchies’ fault

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