In Concert 2017


Well that was a fairly good, grownup, “elder statesmen of rock” type performance. [Update – a couple of lucky folk who were there have posted stories in the comments section below]. I do wonder if people tuning in who didn’t know the band thought they’d found a new prog rock outfit at times, and the BBC audio (as least on the red button) was pretty flat and unbalanced which dulled the edge, but the filming was more complex than I expected; the last In Concert I watched (Blondie) was a few years back and most of the cameras were static. This was much more professional. Very strange to actually be watching live as it happens Deep Purple on a UK TV too, I struggle to recall the last time, possibly 1968 when they did the David Frost Show? Lovely looking venue too, all art deco, really worked well with the lighting.
That parpy ELP sound in Uncommon Man still drives me to distraction and All I Got Is You off the new album  is no substitute for Hip Boots, but other than that it was good to have an hour set with so much reunion material (and kicking off with Time For Bedlam from Infinite), and a small but dedicated audience which understood and appreciated it all. The two strongest tracks off Infinite sounded good and it’ll be great to hear these in a concert venue (I guess this show acts as a sort of amuse bouche for the UK tour.) A few bum notes here and there, but mostly they came across pretty well. I liked the way Steve got grungier as the set wore on too. Indeed it was all zipping along and I was quite surprised when they suddenly kicked in to Smoke and realised it was coming to an end! [Update, I checked and it was scheduled for two hours, even the band were confused.] The encore of Hush probably over-ran the radio slot, but otherwise the timing was spot on.  Ian Gillan looked a bit nervy at times – hardly surprising if so –  but his new lyric stand was a smart addition and kept him up to speed. Other rock singers have been doing this lately and wonder if it might become a permanent option?
As far as we can work these things out the show will be viewable now via the BBC iPlayer app for 30 days. Quite why the BBC don’t show these on BBC4 TV in HD is beyond me, seeing as how most nights it’s all repeats!

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23 Responses to “In Concert 2017”

  1. allan Says:

    I thought the look and camera work were really good. Saw the whole show on Youtube. I just cannot get into the band much anymore. I know, they are up there in age and I shouldn’t expect more. It wasn’t “bad” it just wasn’t exciting.
    I am very thankful for the Perfect Strangers era DVD from 1984 as that was when they still had the spark. Even though there’s no context for it at this time I wish there were more Blackmore- era footage released.

  2. Ian Surridge Says:

    I wonder if DP and the Beeb will release this performance on DVD at any point?
    Would love it in the collection

    • simon robinson Says:

      I would think the band retain rights over any possible release, it would make a good bonus item on something.

  3. Paul Orchard Says:

    Simon Robinson Says:”Very strange to actually be watching live as it happens Deep Purple on a UK TV too, I struggle to recall the last time, possibly 1968 when they did the David Frost Show?”

    Did you not drag yourself out of bed for the Big Breakfast in 199? then you lazy sod?

  4. Kevin S Says:

    Excellent job all round, Purple, BBC and a very good little audience! My only small gripe is that I felt they rather over-tried on Perfect Strangers. The new stuff was very good, although I sort of feel it might be better to open Time For Bedlam with a pre-recorded spoken part (AKA the Euro Rockers cheat system!).
    All round a very happy boy… especially as it’s my 60th in a weeks time and my wife’s just surprised me with an early present…. Cardiff here I come!!!!!!! Yay!!

  5. Brian Jackson Says:

    Simon – don’t forget Live on Big Breakfast on the Abandon tour. A rather different performance to that (and still, what, 19 years ago?)

  6. Jonathan Hill Says:

    Will this be shown on Youtube for all the fans in the USA?

  7. Gareth Says:

    Brilliant Purple 😃

  8. James Says:

    Was the last time DP were live on the Beeb on The Old Grey Whistle Test when there was a piece from Paris with the reporter at the back of the hall as they played The Unwritten Law in the distance – presumably 30 years ago. I think that was live, though I don’t know why it should have been and it’s probably more likely that my memory is letting me down yet again. That hardly compares to this concert though.

    Any road up, it was amazing to see them play live now – who thought that would ever happen? Particularly impressed with Paicey, as always. I had wondered whether they might hit the Legends stage at Glasonbury for their 50th anniversary, but there is no Glasto next year so that won’t happen.

    I think the plan was always that Jo Whiley’s show lasts for two hours and the concert just forms the major part of it from the start, the other concerts in the series haven’t filled the whole 120 mins, not that I’ve listened to them. In advance of the night, iPlayer was listing the concert as only lasting 57 minutes. I watched it but went to the radio to see if there was any follow up but didn’t stay tuned and missed Roger – introduced as Roger Nayler! – being interviewed live about the show; 1.33.15 in on the Radio 2 iPlayer at [Not the In Concert page version which is just the 71 mins of the concert.]

    For those of you who refuse to pay for Sky, the concert is almost on a continuous loop until next Thursday on Freesat, channel 981, when live niche sport doesn’t get in the way.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I couldn’t recall the Paris stuff being live but might have been. Thanks for the clear up regarding the two hour show, I now get it!

  9. Mike Burnett Says:

    Being stood right in front of Roger last night, one thing that really registered is what a brilliant bass player the man is.

    Perhaps I’ve always taken him for granted and my eyes have been drawn to Lord/Morse/Gillan/Blackmore at gigs but it really was hard not to just watch Roger last night.

    I got my opportunity to watch Paice up close at Butlins in January so now I feel that I’ve paid the Purple engine room proper attention.

    By the way, I noticed that the BBC show was being looped today on Sky channel 908.

    • simon robinson Says:

      My first Purple gig in 1971, the sight of Roger rocking away still stays with me. But yes it was good to see him properly featured on the footage. I’ll bet it sounded amazing that close!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Er Mike, I just tried that channel and it’s – ahem – a Babestation thing. The actual number is 980. A slip of the fingers I assume?!

      • Mike Burnett Says:

        Gosh. Thanks for correcting Simon. I can only imagine the difficult conversations in various households when folk are caught watching that! In my defence, I work in the finance industry so numbers have never been my strong point….The HD download for the gig is now on iPlayer by the way.

  10. gazzagary Says:

    I was lucky enough to win 2 tickets to the recording last night at the BBC Radio Theatre broadcasting house London even though I have had tickets in my pocket for the past year to see Alice Cooper at Wembley Arena at the same time!
    It is now over 46 years and around 100 shows since my first ever Deep Purple show at the Royal Albert Hall on the 4th October 1971 so the opportunity to see them in a small 300 seat venue was too good to turn down.
    We arrived at 4 pm and waited in line for 90 minutes with just 4 people in front of us, then at 5.30 pm after a airport style security check we waited in the BBC bar/cafe for the next 2 hours watching the BBC News broadcast go out live at 6 pm!
    At 7.30 the BBC guest list and Record company staff gained entrance to the circle seats then 10 minutes later it was our turn to enter the main floor in front of the stage for a perfect sport mid way between Gillan and Morse.
    The band walked on stage at 7.55 for a quick soundcheck and warm-up before Jo Whiley walked on stage in front of a very noisy crowd for the start of the live broadcast on both Radio and Television.
    At the end of the show Don Airey throw his black hand towel in the air and it landed in front of me, I thanked Don for his gift and you can see this on the T.V. show
    A good taster for my 5th row Arena seat at the o2 next Thursday!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks for the inside story Gary, you lucky sod! I did wonder who was hidden up in the gallery, surprised not to see Alan Yentob sneaking his face into view…

  11. RBB Says:

    Got the job done nicely, although the band seemed confused about just how long they could play. The Radio 2 broadcast slot was billed to last 2hrs so I expected a fuller set. Perhaps a case of less is more.

    Sound was a bit compressed, but clear none the less & visuals better than some commercial releases.

    Nicely sets up Glasgow next week.

    And the DAB broadcast definitely caught the Hush/Black Night “overrun”.

  12. Roy Davies Says:

    I thought the BBC Radio 2 audio mix was excellent (deferred to my other half on the TV so will later watch the visuals at my leisure!) Bludsucker the pick of the set for me, not heard a better version. Anyone not wholly familiar with Ian’s raps between songs would have been a mite confused I suspect!!

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