Here is an announcement

I do like this sort of ad hoc stuff which brightens all our lives; no idea who did it (twitter and instagram? No thanks, Facebook is bad enough!) but Danny Fox enjoyed it too and sent us the snap; last night before the O2 Deep Purple show.

Deep Purple tube sign

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4 Responses to “Here is an announcement”

  1. Mike Burnett Says:

    And kudos to the guitarist who set up at the top of the escalators at North Greenwich playing Purple numbers. I wondered why I could hear Burn as I was going up the escalator. I thought I was just mildly delirious after yet another crapola tube journey. He was good and made me hang around for a bit while he rattled through Speed King.

    • simon robinson Says:

      There was an elderly busker in Barnsley yesterday, in sailors cap and uniform, doing the 12″ extended version of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love – on a banjo. It sounded superb. I was tempted to see if he knew Smoke…

  2. Kenny Brown Says:

    I saw the sign but didn’t read it. Fair play to the person who composed that, we need more of this in these dark(er than blue) times. Hope you enjoyed the gig Simon whichever ones you went to. Only made the O2 show but heard the Glasgow show was a good one.

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