Guest stars

We missed this during all the DP tour excitement; it’s a Bowie cover tour masterminded by his former pianist Vin Diesel, sorry, Mike Garson. Gillian Glover is one of the musicians involved and persuaded Roger to join in on a version of Jean Genie just at the Brum concert. Oh and a few bars of Black Night! Thanks to Stephen Clare for the flyer.


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4 Responses to “Guest stars”

  1. Yvonne Osthausen Says:

    Hi Simon, This clip is not from Birmingham, but from London. In case you’re interested how Roger’s grandson is doing on stage.

    Cheers from Hamburg, Yvonne Osthausen

  2. Demonseye666 Says:

    Oh no!? Steve Harley in Deep Purple, when? What line up was this & what Mk (CMXCIX)? Tut! I know I’ll play my Purps collection of albums & boots in chronological order in the hope of discovery… It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it (that should please the girlfriend)!

  3. Clive Bindley Says:

    The poster reads as though Steve Harley & Roger Glover are both from Deep Purple. And we all know that Roger is actually from Episode Six!

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