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Every time we get the diary up to date, new shows keep being added!  There are now two more in Finland and an open air gig in Sweden added to the very end of the list, so the band are pretty much busy for all of July, with selected dates in May and June.  But they’re not all taking it easy prior to the Purple shows. Don Airey has a lengthy European tour set up, and is even appearing on a special show in Russia by the Tony Carey Rainbow Project, with Doogie White as well. Vince Chong has been in touch with Tony to elicit some details about the show: “this it is sort of a Rainbow fest, I guess, if only because we were all in the same band at one point or another. I’ll be playing nearly every song. Don is doing a couple of Rainbow songs, and Doogie’s doing three (later ones) and songs from Michael Schenker and Tank, as well as his solo stuff.”

Steve Morse has an even longer tour and Ian Paice is also on the road with Purpendicular.  Anyway, here’s the flyer for Tony’s Russian gig from Tim Summers (I can sense him checking the rouble / sterling exchange rate right now!) and the Deep Purple & Co. Concert Diary page is moved further up our side menu to make it easier to find.

Thanks to everyone who has been supplying snippets for the diary, credited on the page, and indeed to everybody who has contributed to the site over 2017, whether it be news, comments or emails.  And all the best to Darker Than Blue readers here and on the Facebook page for the Solstice and New Year breaks!  We’re off to the David Mellor Museum cafe in Hathersage for an ogle at the vintage Porsche on display for Xmas, a quiet cup of tea, a mince pie, a crack at the Times puzzle page and a wind down.

Coda : Purple never cease to provide us with something of interest. Earlier this week I was searching for tracks to play at the local music group. The theme was “clothes” and I was struggling after Rock My Plimsole by Jeff Beck Group (and avoiding the obvious Kinks and Bowie tracks.)  The next clear choice was No One Came but I hate playing Fireball for anyone but myself.  Then I figured they’d done it live, and spotted Live At Olympia 1996 on the shelf. So I took that version. I haven’t  played it for years as I had it in my head that the recording is a bit rough. And it is, but still sounded absolutely brilliant and the performance was astonishing. Everything you want from rock wrapped up in six exciting minutes. And one more to add to the regular playlist!



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4 Responses to “More shows”

  1. James Says:

    While you’ve got Live At Olympia 1996 down, remind yourself just how good the run of When A Blind Man Cries, Speed King and Perfect Strangers on the second disc is. And a jolly Saturnalia to you all.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yep, perhaps an overlooked album at the time. I can see why they gave it sort of official bootleg status but the energy levels are amazing. One of those nights.

  2. Bernard Maasdijk Says:

    And a very merry xmas and happy new year to you, Simon. Will (early) 2018 bring us the “Fire in the Sky” we’re hoping for? Btw a couple of years ago on holiday we visited the David Mellor centre at Hathersage. I tried to tempt my wife into buying a new set of cutlery but no dice I’m afraid.

    • simon robinson Says:

      It will indeed Bernard, been wrestling with the final text edit since the Xmas break. Mellor’s just had a 20% off sale by the way, they do two a year. Over the years we have saved up and slowly got more or less enough for our needs. We’re only a couple of miles away so get in touch next time and we’ll meet you there for a chat.

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