Rock in Rio

Glenn is reprising last year’s New Zealand Deep Purple Tribute set over in South America in April 2018 with a series of eleven shows. And as we all shiver, here’s the flyer to bring a bit of warmth! Thanks to Steve Clare.

Glenn Hughes Deep Purple tribute April 2018 South America


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7 Responses to “Rock in Rio”

  1. Roberto Says:

    I guess Glenn and his management didn’t realise a “little jump” he will do on this Brazilian tour. He will fly from Curitiba to Manaus (about 4.000 km, something like Madrid to Moscow), them fly back south to Porto Alegre (4500 km, something like fly from Dublin to Canada). His flight card will be strongly improved!

  2. Stuart Roberts Says:

    I saw Glenn do this in Manchester, simply incredible. He is currently providing the best live delivery of Purple material.

    He’s also delivering some of the best solo material of his entire career and that’s saying something. Incredible musician, singer and songwriter, still at the height of his powers.

    ….and the new BCC album….could be the best rock album of the last 30 years (maybe more).

    He has also done an outstanding job for Satriani on his latest effort. Some blistering tunes on there.

  3. Mike Whiteley Says:

    I can’t help but think that Glenn wouldn’t spend so much time revisiting his Purple Daze if he could get Joe Bonamassa to agree to a BCC tour

  4. Bo Finn Says:

    Great, but how many Purple songs is a part of the show?

  5. Clive Bindley Says:

    The only reason I shiver is thinking about Hughes murdering classic Purple songs.

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