Number One

Voters on the Planet Rock poll have voted in their annual poll:


BEST BRITISH ALBUM – Deep Purple ‘Infinite’

Thanks to all who have let us know!  We’ll have to try retuning the DAB so we can listen in again…

5 Responses to “Number One”

  1. Myjudge69 Says:

    Simply the best!!!

  2. Leftin Says:

    Well done Purple! That’s a nice surprise.

  3. Cam Simpson Says:

    Absolutely the best

  4. Alan Taylor Says:

    And not before time. Planet Rock is doing well by the band. Just reviewed the magazine from a couple of months back again – it’s the little touches like the letters page titles all coming from In Rock and each feature in the magazine ending with a little DP (Perfect Strangers) icon. Of course this month it’s the Swansong icon and, no doubt, Jimmy Poage telling us how he is recycling the same 8 albums once again for Zep’s 50th…

  5. Yance perfect Says:

    And why the hell not !!

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