Butterfly Ball

Another CD edition of Roger Glover’s Butterfly Ball is due, a 3CD set no less. Depending on how you catalogue them this is about the sixth or seventh. It has the original album, demos (which were on an earlier release but there may be some new ones), and the US radio interview, which came out on Connoisseur years in 1999 (the 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition Digitally Remastered Enhanced CD as the label insisted the cover say!). Disc 3 on this new one? Sadly not the live audio of the show, but a facsimile CD of the old EP. Still if you don’t have the album then it saves a hunt, and while the overall concept seems a bit strange these days there are some good tracks on there, and Ronnie Dio was outstanding. Thanks to Tom Dixon and others.

Butterfly Ball Connoisseur.jpg



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4 Responses to “Butterfly Ball”

  1. Gary Critcher Says:

    do we know what the ‘extras’ are like?

  2. James Says:

    According to the track list at http://www.cherryred.co.uk, the ‘demos’ on CD2 are same as the ‘Additional Tracks’ on my 1995 Repertoire Popumentary Series single CD edition: the demo version of Love Is All and alternative mixes of seven other tracks, plus a third mix of Magician Moth. There’s a fourth version of that song on the Radio Special and then it’s on CD3 as well. You’re right, RJD was brilliant on this.

    • simon robinson Says:

      The label doesn’t really dig very deep, they’ve just raided all the previous editions, but if you don’t have those then it has some merit.

  3. Max Says:

    I would love to see the tapes of the live event released! Maybe as a 2 disc set with the visual as well. But this one … I got the vinyl, I got the CD from years ago so why bother?

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