Ticket prices rise

Red vinyl Concerto LP.jpgI try not to look at auctions sites too often, but occasionally items are flagged up which fit with our archive remit, negatives and memorabilia (I got a nice letter signed by IG recently, sent out to publicise the launch of his studio in 1973, as it helps fill in a gap in his immediate post-Purple history.).  However even I was astonished to see an original ticket for one of the 1972 Made In Japan concerts sell for $2,000 recently. I think someone bought it early to close the auction too, so they must have been keen!
This comes not long after the sale of a Norwegian issue of Hush / One More Rainy Day in a picture sleeve which fetched £1753 according to our friend George Costantini who follows these things closely. This is a real rarity even though the sleeve has the same front design as elsewhere, as so few were pressed.
A recent issue of Record Collector rounded up some of the other top prices which include a rare acetate of One More Rainy Day / Hush which fetched £652.
Mint or clean copies of Deep Purple first pressings continue to attract a lot of interest as well, arguably these are the closest to the artist’s vision for the record as they would have approved these. A first press Book of Taliesyn went for a shade under £500 and a stereo first press Shades fetched £361. One item which was on many collector’s lists does seem to have come down in price, that’s the Japan red vinyl issue of The Concerto, which sold for £218. My thanks to Tom Dixon for his help.


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4 Responses to “Ticket prices rise”

  1. Arto Says:

    March 25, 2018 ended eBay auction of Deep Purple Hallelujah/April part 1 UK promo/demo 7″ single with picture sleeve. Winning bid was £ 810. Would be interesting to know how many those singles were made.

    • simon robinson Says:

      It is a very rare release. Our guess having talked to the manager about it once was just a couple of hundred; they used to distribute them by hand to likely radio and media outlets around London. Well, a runner would.

  2. lisbet palsdorf Says:

    You bet the same here in Denmark.

  3. Alexander Says:

    Such Norwegian issue was presented to Mr.Medvedev, the Russian president at that time, by Norwegian prime-minister. A real gem

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