Swiss time

Deep Purple return to play the Montreux Jazz Festival again this year, and appear on July 4th. They are headlining the Stravinski Auditorium (with support band). They last played here in 2016. My thanks to Lutz, Tom, Bo, Denis and everyone who sent me the update this week! Below, nice snap of fans waiting for an earlier show there, by Tiny Rager. One of those barriers would look good across the drive…


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2 Responses to “Swiss time”

  1. George A. Costantini Says:

    Simon If you search google images, there is a scan of WLP w/date stamp on-MAY 18 1973.Sadly scan is not too large or clear. Finding one w/ date stamp requires hunting. I have 3 of MK 1 Tetra promos w/ ds. Good luck in trying to track down for the upcoming Fire in the Sky book.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Have seen that scan George, I’m sure someone once sent me a much better version, probably on a xerox somewhere! But it looks like the date stamp may be something the radio station added not Warners.

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