45 and counting

Forty five years ago this month someone was sweltering away in London hacking apart both Machine Head’s Smoke On The Water and the live version from Made In Japan. One of the execs at Warners had been to see Deep Purple on their American tour and seen the amazing reaction Smoke On The Water was getting on-stage, thanks to air-play on local radio across the country. A light-blub moment!
Five various edits were freighted over and they picked the shortest studio one and the longest live version (figuring it would be the flip side so it didn’t matter so much). A white label radio promotion copy was soon pressed up (see photo above) and release was set for mid May…


Deep Purple Smoke On The Water promotional white label


PS: if anyone has a GOOD clear scan of the label with the rubber stamped release date on do drop me a line, the scan we have is too low-res to use

11 Responses to “45 and counting”

  1. Leftin Says:

    “45 and counting” could be a slogan – counting the days until Trump resigns/get impeached/ worse!

    • simon robinson Says:

      A guy like that doesn’t care. The sad thing is many other politicians around the world are seeing how lying has worked for him and are starting to follow suit.

  2. jamie williamson Says:

    Funny that the live version (which was truncated– no guitar solo!) was the one that got all the airplay on the central/eastern Mass. stations during the summer of ’73!

  3. Bernard Maasdijk Says:

    I love the Made in Japan SOTW, the complete one of course. It’s my favourite version of the song. The opening riff has never sounded better, they keep things very tight until Jon Lord’s let’s go on the solo after the final chorus. And the ending guitar and organ trading licks is spot on.
    This month also marks Deep Puple’s fiftieth birthday, a remarkable achievement, especially for a band with such a history. Funny how they seem to have been around forever, when there was a period late 70s/early 80s without Deep Purple, although many of the individual members were very productive roundabout that time.

  4. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    This was my first introduction Deep Purple. I know I bought this single prior to Made in Japan, but your time line might be off!? I’m fairly sure I bought the 45 in late 1972 or early 1973. I know I had Made in Japan in my possession by March or April 1973.

    • simon robinson Says:

      We’re pretty certain of our dates now Bruce, unless you have a sales receipt to totally throw it!

      • Bruce Metcalfe Says:

        I know at this time in 1973 I was at a cottage up north of Toronto reveling in the glory of discovering my first real rock band! I know I had the single before I had the Live LP, all before the vacation. And shortly after I came back from the cottage, I was told the “singer and bassist had left”!.

  5. Gary Halverson Says:

    45 years ago indeed! That photo sure brings back memories! I remember it very well. It was in early May 1973 and was my very first introduction to Deep Purple. A friend of mine had a copy of this 45 and lent it to me for a few days. I recall playing it several times on my parents’ giant stereo console, and having preferred the studio side over the live version. One of my first album purchases after that particular discovery was Machine Head. That then led to a lifetime of enjoyment of all things Purple ever since.

    • simon robinson Says:

      This is what people forget when they have a go at singles, how they were often an intro into greater things. I played the flip of Black Night to death and then it was straight off to get In Rock.

      • Bruce Metcalfe Says:

        I went for the live LP first! It was that concert photo on the front that sold me, even though I thought the photo was backwards because the drummer’s drums were wrongly positioned! ha! ha!

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