Purple Dates

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Deep Purple have announced another batch of concerts. They are kicking off in the third week of August in the USA, Cincinnati on the 21st and running right through to the very end of September. Tickets are on sale from today. The band then head over to Japan for five shows. Nothing listed for Tokyo yet but there is some leeway for them to add a show there. In total this means the group are doing around 50 shows in the year, which does suggest they are easing off the workload a little.

The American shows are in partnership with Judas Priest.

The diary page (see menu on right) is now updated, and our thanks to Lutz Reinart, Greg Tarlinton and Tom Dixon for the extra information.


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5 Responses to “Purple Dates”

  1. IanG Says:

    $20 a ticket & no booking fees for the show at Irvine CA. Maybe they are discounted to make up for having JP on the bill…

  2. Leftin Says:

    Judas Priest must be one of the most determinedly Metal bands Purple have played with, along with The Sabs at Cal Jam. I know RG produced them, but they’ve gone a lot more metallic since then. Strange bill. UFO/Lizzy have more in common with DP. Maybe that’s the point – the attraction of opposites.


    And don`t for get those 3 wonderful dates in Canada!!!…Montreal!!!, Aug 28th – I have my tix already!!

  4. Eric A. Eisenstein Says:

    Already have my seats for Philadelphia.(Camden, NJ) because if Purple is
    first probably won’t hang for Priest. Just hope they do not do the same show they did last summer. Know it’s a shorter “shed” show but would love to hear more newer stuff or obscure older. But not counting on it

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