Fifty once

Classic Rock have pushed the boat out with a Deep Purple cover issue on sale now. Some of us have been admiring the cover art too, would look great as a poster. It’s actually quite a strange image, familiar but not quite right. The answer turns out that it really is a montage – Ritchie’s head is from a 1969 pic, the rest of him from Mk3 days! Frankenpurple.

Not been into town to buy a copy yet but several people have. Tom Dixon reckons “the angle this time is the justifiable, inarguable fact that shows “how the Deep Purple Family tree ruled rock” Inevitably for most of us there is nothing new but they do interview all the members (bar Morse, and Blackmore of course) and even do a ‘special’ on the Butterfly Ball. Airey gets a couple of pages too to expand on Moore in particular with a sidebar on Simon McBride as he has featured with Don a few times and is on his forthcoming album. Warhorse, and Captain Beyond get a brief appearance. Some nice period pics too. Nicely put together piece on the huge influence the band and its’ many members have had on rock.” There is a sample CD with the magazine featuring a few old Purple label tracks.

Funnily enough we were watching the lengthy Jeff Beck special on BBC4 TV the other day and were quite touched by the way Cozy Powell was bigged up when they came to talking about The Jeff Beck Group (and nice to see a bit of rare footage too). Jeff says he got his label to organise the auditions, and when he turned up they pointed Cozy out and said “forget the rest”, some of whom were already packing their drum sticks away! The show is on iPlayer.

classic rock deep purple.png


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6 Responses to “Fifty once”

  1. Alan Taylor Says:

    Just got round to reading this and it is good that Purple are finally getting some recognition in music mags. But it is unfortunate that about half of the articles are written by Mick Wall, whose ‘style’ sets my teeth on edge. An example –

    “The godfathers of so much that excelled about British rock in the decade that followed their original 1976 demise – Gillan, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Black Sabbath – perhaps the greatest gift Deep Purple bequeathed the world was to help bring forth the exquisite talent and indomitable spirit of American singer Ronnie James Dio.”

    I have to read that several times before it makes sense – and I’m not convinced it does. And his article on Wishbone Ash in the same issue is even worse. I do like the cover, and the Don and Little Ian pieces are good, but the Planet Rock issue from a few months ago was much better.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes, to state that the best thing Purple ever did was give us Ronnie Dio is mad (great though he was). But then the label promoting this has some Elf CDs to sell, and nothing by the other bands…

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Bought my issue yesterday very good in its way but (inevitably) so much missing – 0 about Tommy Bolin and Rod Evans from what I can see – two important omissions – and JLT?! Talking about Joe I love the live album “Live in Leningrad” with Ynqwie Malmsteen – fantastic especially “Liar” what an opener – Rainbow should listen to this and get moving back to some excitement!!!

  3. Leftin Says:

    This is a nice irony, CR putting out such a great issue when a lot of us had given it up as a drab AC/DC/Sabs fanzine! It’s excellent, as is the Michael Schenker feature (plenty to interest DTB readers). Wishbone Ash get a good feature too.

  4. Chris Inkpen Says:

    Shame there was no Jon Pertwee on the free CD…

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes, I was devastated too. You’d think a hard rock label would be quick to use their greatest tracks wouldn’t you?!

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