East Coast Blackmore

Blackmore’s Night have announced seven shows around the East Coast of America for July 2018. Each show is a passport to a time gone by according to their press release. Thanks to Tom Dixon for sending this on. Dates added to our diary page.



2 Responses to “East Coast Blackmore”

  1. Leftin Says:

    Simon: Sorry to be entirely predictable, but have you any reviews of the recent Rainbow shows? Am not great at navigating the site (or driving!), so may have missed them. Have made 5 nice little tapes courtesy of YouTube and some enterprising filming types (amazingly, the German show is the least-covered), and they were eventful shows. That’s musically – no bouncers pranged with guitars, no amps pushed over, etc., although RB did do the guitar-meets-edge-of-stage move during Black Night once. To me, whereas in 2016 Stargazer was the standout, and I Surrender took the honours in ’17, this time it was Mistreated. Worthy of ’78, and nearly as heavy. Ronnie Romero is up there with Dio, and this time showed his Coverdale influences. Oh, and in one version of Child in Time – at Berlin, I think – the whole thing went 1970. You’d have to hear it to believe it. Thank you. :)

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