And so Deep Purple begins


What did you do at the weekend just gone? Me I walked round to the shops for some bread rolls and a Saturday paper, did a bit of weeding in the garden and gave a talk on pre-War commercial street photography.


What did Derek Lawrence do with his weekend just gone fifty years ago? Only produced (with the help of a BBC Sound Effects LP!) the first Deep Purple album Shades Of Deep Purple. Happy 50th Deep Purple!

Yes we know they did some shows before, and a few demos, but to me that trip to the Pye basement studios (at ATV house) near Marble Arch meant it all suddenly got real. How could they cut an album so quickly? Well they’d rehearsed and done most of the material either live or in previous groups, so it was all fairly well bedded in. Plus they were damn good musicians. And they had no more budget!

Derek did a bit more work on the Monday, cut and mastered the first (proposed) single later in the week, EMI got on board, and the rest is, well history. History which continues to prove fascinating for many, and music which has given millions pleasure over those fifty years.

The studio? Pye were there until 1989 in one guise or another, but the Sixties building where so many other great recordings were also made was demolished in 2003.


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7 Responses to “And so Deep Purple begins”

  1. Mohan Thampi Says:

    Reminds one also of the stories of the newly formed US record label, Tetragrammaton who hit the jackpot with their first music signing. According to the head, Artie Mogull, label was doing well with Deep Purple, until newly signed John and Yoko scuttled Tetragrammaton with their Two Virgins record which was banned for its nude cover – leaving unsold stock forcing label to fold. See link below:

    • simon robinson Says:

      That’s a bit of a spin on the story Mohan; the label was just over spending on everything. And issuing a nude sleeve in America was never going to work, this is the country which wrapped Roxy Music’s Country Life in black plastic for goodness sake!

  2. purpledaniel Says:

    So it´s been 50 yars huh?
    So sad to see DP´s 50th anniversary and the band´s most important legacy (68-76) being ignored and in the middle of a legal dispute.
    Led Zeppelin, Jethro TUll are all cellebrating their anniversary yet in the Purple Camp, absolutely nothing.
    A historical year will pass without any archive release to commemorate at all.

  3. Martin Paretti Says:

    Really enjoy these updates!

  4. Martin Paretti Says:

    Really enjoy these updates, emails, pieces of history.

  5. Chas Malkin Says:

    Beautifully written, Simon!

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