Einem Meisterwerk


Just to let people know that there will be a German edition of the Deep Purple book Wait For The Ricochet later this year. Published by Hannibal, it will look very similar to the original, with the same illustrations and format.  If anyone is interested, the title can be pre-ordered already from the publisher’s own site.  Hard to believe but the album is 48 years old this very month, and was of course a massive seller in Germany where it topped their album charts for weeks. If you do not have this book yet, the English edition is back in stock through the publisher’s own shop.  And their follow-up devoted to Machine Head and titled Fire In The Sky is now not far away.

The publishers would like to thank Lutz and Andreas for their help in making this German edition possible.


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3 Responses to “Einem Meisterwerk”

  1. Gerd Hanke Says:

    thanks for the info – owning the English edition (first print …) I’m looking forward to the German one – so I just pre-ordered it

    p.s.: what’s your definiton of “not far away” in regards to Fire In The Sky? ;-)

    • simon robinson Says:

      Do you want the official dictionary definition or…? Seriously I’m hard at work on this and finishing up the Barry Plummer book. The Machine Head one is over 100 pages done and signed off so pretty close.

      • Jeff Breis Says:

        That’s swell news. I was thinking that the Plummer book got dustbinned…. (no information since last November, after we all bought it)

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