Some of us went down…


As we post this, Montreux is finally marking Deep Purple’s contribution to the town’s history by erecting a plaque on the former Grand Hotel (11.00am July 4th). This will briefly describe the importance of the building to the Machine Head story in French and English.
Unlike the event in 2016 this is a more formal occasion with media, TV, and even the head of Switzerland’s British Embassy on the invite list. Members of the group are also due to appear as they are in town for the show that evening. It marks the culmination of a couple of year’s work begun by Simon and Stephen, and then helped along by Yvon Welt, Jean Paul Marquis and others in Montreux. We hope to have a few photos in a couple of days from our roving correspondents.
From today, anyone visiting the site will be able see the plaque; but only if you go to the back door! I only have early images of the plaque which had several errors (since corrected), so will await an official image before posting. The town is also looking into a six page download guide to all the sites in the town relating to the album to be hosted on their site.
All this has been part of the research undertaken for the Fire In The Sky book which is now into the design stages. However the publication date floating around on the web does not come from the publisher who say Aug / Sept is more likely. They also think there is so much material that they may have to look at a special extended first edition. Details to follow but check their site for the latest updates.

You can read our reports on the 2016 trip to the former hotel on this site.

8 Responses to “Some of us went down…”

  1. keith Fotheringham Says:

    Hi Simon – are you planning books on Fireball or Who Do We Think We Are or Made In Japan?

  2. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    Ah Yes! That Book! I’ve had several shaves and two birthdays! Ha! Ha!

    • simon robinson Says:

      If you think it has escaped our notice that it took the band four weeks to record the LP and us four years to get the book done, then no it hasn’t! But look, I have over 100 pages laid out, finished, signed off, so we’re getting there.

  3. Dave Stoddard Says:

    What a bummer, I would like to have attended this

  4. Peter Seyderhelm Says:

    En route by boat to Montreux now … great views of the Lake Geneva shoreline! Will try and have a look at the plaque before tonight’s gig.

  5. r3c0rdc0113ct0r Says:

    Hi Simon

    How about a nice little ‘tribute’ shirt to subtly commemorate the night in question…?

    cheers Neil.


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