Chas Hodges RIP

Another Deep Purple connection severed with the news of Chas Hodges’ death. It has been interesting to read the details of his long career, and let’s face it it’s hard not to have enjoyed some of his hits with Chas and Dave which always bring a smile when they’re on the radio, and made him a household name. In the early days of delving into Deep Purple’s history, discovering The Outlaws and tracking down their singles was mandatory, mainly to hear what the fledgling guitar work of Ritchie Blackmore was like rather than Chas’s bass playing I must confess (though he was apparently one of the first in the UK to own an electric bass).


It was always a red letter day when we found a new picture of the four piece for the collection (that’s Chas on the right in this vintage shot, and Gillan drummer to be Mick Underwood in front of course). The famous clip of him and the band in Live It Up is worth a look if you’ve not seen it, Chas on a twelve string.

Chas would later join a more progressive rock / country outfit in 1970 called Heads Hands & Feet, who actually supported Deep Purple at some shows in the UK in early 1971. Roger wasn’t well one night, and Chas deputised as the show had already begun. He also turned up on that great all-star rock blues jam session Green Bullfrog the same year to cement his place in the Purple family tree.
The Guardian have done a good obituary and I can do worse than link to that.


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3 Responses to “Chas Hodges RIP”

  1. Steve McGrath Says:

    Faarewell Chas and thanks for all the great music involved in over the years particularly Head Hands & Feet .
    I bought ‘Warming Up The Band’ as single back in the early 70’s around the same time as ‘Fireball’ ..
    It lead me on to the Head Hands & Feet albums which if you haven’t heard them are terrific.
    Chas will be sadly missed.

    • simon robinson Says:

      They were one of so many bands around at that time, it was impossible to keep up. Will have to get a listen.

  2. Danielz Says:

    The first time I saw Chas’n’Dave was at the Led Zep Knebworth gigs in 1979. I ended up seeing them twice as I attended both weekends to see Zep. Years later, 2 years ago in fact, I ended up chatting to them and having a photo as we were playing together at the Dagenham Roundhouse Festival….R.I.P. Chas….

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