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It was international talk like a pirate day last week, so this album fits right in. Just a DTB public service announcement really, as this is being touted around as an Italian collector’s release in a ‘unique octagonal sleeve’ (long with similar titles from other bands). And it is quite smart, albeit seemingly mixing Mk 1 and Mk 2 up.  But it is 100% unofficial, with pirated studio tracks. It’s an easy way to lose £30 or so, unless of course you’re into this sort of thing!
Talking of vinyl, that dull compilation with the op-art cover issued earlier in the year has found itself into the current HMV vinyl sale, so will cost you only £29 now. But the large stocks of reduced albums do suggest that while the reissue vinyl bubble isn’t exactly bursting, some labels are way over producing as well as over-pricing. Hurry while stocks gather dust!
And having checked out the current colour vinyl reissues from Universal (trending last week in Leeds according to Tim Summers who took the snap below), they appear to have used someone suffering from colour blindness to co-ordinate this, as all the copies I’ve seen are red despite the cover blurb. The utterly useless idiots have LEFT THE TORN PRICE STICKER ON MACHINE HEAD AGAIN.  EMI did this on their last reissue, having bought a copy of the album second hand but been too bone idle to digitally clean the sticker off.

HMV Purple display

One Response to “Avast”

  1. Jean-Paul Marquis Says:

    AU SECOURS !!!! Machine Head is, with Made in Japan, the number ONE !!!

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