Toys / Pram

Deep Purple have been dragged into the five year saga of boy band singer / Happy Shopper Frank Sinatra Robbie William’s planned basement pool extensions which neighbour Jimmy Page has gone to court to try and stop, fearing they will damage his Grade 1 listed property next door (see below; nice).  There are now allegations that Williams has been blasting out hard rock rivals including Deep Purple and Black Sabbath to annoy Page.  Nobody seems to have checked the story out so it could just be some web prankster stirring it up.  Even so, the pair have probably spent more in court costs than you or I would earn in a lifetime, but I did like the council report allowing the work to go ahead provided it is done by pick and shovel!  Boys. An annual discount ticket for our local pool is only £20…

pages house

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5 Responses to “Toys / Pram”


    It’s stunning on the inside, although not a patch on Blackmore’s mock Tudor gaff obviously!

  2. Leftin Says:

    Had a chuckle over this. Williams is also alleged to have dressed up as Robert Plant to mock the Zeppelin main men. That sounds less likely than the Purple music bit. (Was he playing a 40-minute Mandrake Root to challenge Dazed & Confused?) I wish Jimmy Page would record something new, maybe with Paul Rodgers in a reformed Firm. At this rate, the Coverdale/Page album is recent!

  3. Andrew Key Says:

    Really who cares

    • simon robinson Says:

      80% of British media from what it seems… There is an important point here, with so many London houses being pulled apart, and a couple collapsing as a result.

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