Ted the McKenna

Very sorry to learn of the death of drummer Ted McKenna today.  Ted was the drummer on Ian Gillan’s Naked Thunder solo outings during the “between Purple years” in 1990. He also played with Michael Schenker, Rory Gallagher and many others but for me and other older fans, Ted will probably be most fondly remembered as a pivotal player in The Sensational Alex Harvey Band during the 1970s.  So it was great to see Chris and Ted back together on that Gillan tour (indeed they did say it was one of the main reasons they took the job!), and I well remember the show at Doncaster Dome… Neil Murray says he was with Ted only a couple of weeks go as they all met up to remember Cozy Powell.

alex harvey band live


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2 Responses to “Ted the McKenna”

  1. Leftin Says:

    Very sad news. He was as energetic as ever on the Michael Schenker Fest shows, going by the videos. He and Chris Glen were a vital unit. Saw him twice with MSG, at Reading Fest. and Bristol. Not many drummers could follow Cozy Powell as well as he did. R.i.P. Ted.

  2. Steve Downes Says:

    Wasn’t Ted lined up for more Schenker Fest gigs? Very sad to hear this…

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