Dance Coming

PAL_Malice-In-Wonderland reissue.jpg

Paice Ashton Lord‘s only studio album Malice In Wonderland is getting reissued by Ear / Edel soon.  The music includes the original album and eight bonus tracks from the abandoned follow-up sessions.  At the time of the old Purple Records CD edition back in 2001 this was long thought lost, but chatting with Sandra Ashton one day, she said Tony had been playing his cassette only a few days earlier…  Jon and Ian had given him permission to take the tapes an maybe make his own album from them, but it never happened.  The CD comes in a digipak with a nice booklet featuring lots of unseen photographs from the rehearsal sessions in London at the end of 1976 and band images from the publicity shoot at Jon’s house (check out the atmospheric shot of Jon from the BBC recording above).  Sleeve notes are by Simon (these have been revised, updated and tweaked he promises!).  It’s certainly one of the most played albums from the Purple family here at DTB towers. Despite sounding very unfashionable when it first appeared it hasn’t really dated at all. So if you missed it before, then we do recommend it. Just sad that neither Tony or Jon are not around any more to pester for new quotes…

Ear are also reissuing the original Ian Gillan and The Javelins CD this month to back-up the recent follow up album.  This is musically the same but with revised artwork and they have gone with one of Simon’s designs for the sleeve. It will also appear on vinyl.

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12 Responses to “Dance Coming”

  1. Leftin Says:

    An excellent album which has some parallels with the IGB records. They all sound so much more exciting now than they did at the time. Maturity, you say? What’s that? :) By the way, a few UFO tracks with Bernie Marsden playing are available on the reissue of Phenomenon, if anyone’s interested.

  2. Mohan Thampi Says:

    PAL has never disappeared. Just transformed into Whitesnake following the same musical style but with more emphasis on the vocalist.

  3. simon robinson Says:

    Had my sample copy, it is a nice addition to the collection.

  4. M BURNETT Says:

    Hi Simon. I did pop one of my usual witty and erudite responses to this blog on the page but it appears to have disappeared. I must be doing something wrong but no idea what! Anyhow, just wanted to echo that I love the PAL album because it is just so different from the usual mid 70’s rock stuff being churned out. IMHO, there isn’t a duff track on there and it feels like a really mature album. Paice plays a blinder throughout and it is brilliant that the drums are so prominent especially on that wonderful title track. I saw Bernie last autumn at Buckingham Town Hall (well, it’s now a hotel function room!) and it was good to see the number of people there with the PAL album tucked under their arms. Sadly, Bernie didn’t play anything off the album. Toodle pip. Mike

    • simon robinson Says:

      They have to wait for yours truly to find time to potter through all the replies and check them for fake news Mike! As this site gets a lot of readers, the spammers are always trying to sneak stuff through.

  5. norm37 Says:

    The version of Malice in Wonderland that I have from 2001 includes 8 additional tracks from the second LP sessions. Reading the booklet suggests these are the same tracks you mention.

    • simon robinson Says:

      They are, I have updated. It wasn’t clear from the info I was sent by the label at first.

  6. Mike Burnett Says:

    I’ve always loved this album and have never gotten bored with it as it is so different from yer average 70s rock album. I often have a “what if” moment when playing it and thinking about what might have been. Paice absolutely plays a blinder on this one especially on the title track. I saw Bernie at Buckingham Town Hall last year and it was interesting to see the number of people there with the PAL album tucked under their arms for signing.

  7. Craig Says:

    So, what’s new here? The ‘second album’ tracks have been around for ages since the remaster on Purple’s label PUR320 unless I am missing something.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Nothing except new packaging Craig, but it’s been fetching a lot second hand so I guess not everyone has the first CD.

  8. thomas max Says:

    It’s a true classic and one of my favourites from the Purple world too. Pity it didn’t last.

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