Rare breed

I’ve no idea what to make of this, but it’s on the iTunes website as a five minute download available from April 26th, so make sure you have 99pence in your Apple account ready! Though I suspect anyone hoping for an awesome remix off the first album is going to be disappointed.  And why had Ritchie gone all Poirot with his name? Thanks to Tim Summers for sending the link. As for the menace who sent me the sleeve with Ritchie’s face substituted which I saw first, detention beckons!

Rainbow Black Sheep digital single.jpg


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One Response to “Rare breed”

  1. Mark B Says:

    Good evening Simon. This landed in my iTunes this morning and… I’m underwhelmed. Never has my whelm been so under(ed). Shocking drumming, weak bass and (to my ears) little in the way of keyboards. It’s essentially an extended jam session allowing the old boy to “widdle” a bit. You can hear the lack of b**ls from his mini-amp, sadly. On the bright side, apart from some occasionally clunky pronunciation, once again Romero proves he has a powerful set of lungs. I played the Rainbow “original” after this and it’s chalk and cheese. I then played the Quatermass version…… now that’s Camembert.

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