Fakes and forgeries for Friday

Deep Purple Help pic disc.jpg

Having been busy with those fake picture sleeve singles for a few years, the pirate brigade have now turned their attention to a series of fake Deep Purple picture discs. Indeed a trickle has turned into a flood, as people are coughing up $200 and upwards for them.  I’m not sure who falls for these scams, as any official release would be backed up with press sheets and similar evidence.  The frustrating thing is that some are quite decent looking products too!  I’ll show a selection here; that’s Help above (based on the fab French single sleeve), Hey Joe at the bottom of the page (nice to see my artwork still in demand in some circles) and Love Help Me below (their knowledge of chronology is clearly not sparkling!).

Love Help Me pic disc.jpg

As well as the discs with suitable graphics on, the same crew have also put out a slew of pornographic picture discs featuring tracks from the reunion era.  To save anyone’s blushes in case you’re reading this at work I’ll link to one of the milder ones on a separate page.  All the examples I’ve seen are being sold out of Israel.  Thanks to Vince Chong who has been tracking these for me.  We all need a hobby!

Deep Purple Hey Joe pic disc.jpg

Forgery (I had to check) is the act of forging metal into shape while fakery is a fraud or forgery; an act of doctoring, or the product of one. Don’t say we never learn you nothing.

And while I’m at it here’s another of the fake pic sleeve single which appeared recently, wrapped around a genuine German pressed single.

German Fireball fake sleeve.jpg

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One Response to “Fakes and forgeries for Friday”

  1. Steve G Says:

    Hi Simon, As an avid record/cd collector I too have noted the landslide of obvious fakes hitting the market especially via a certain large scale selling platform (ahem.) It would seem that a raft of eastern European sellers have cottoned on to the collectable labels: Harvest, Vertigo, RCA Neon etc. and are manufacturing innumerate and suspicious UK first presses in ‘amazing’ condition… quite why anyone would fall for it, as you say, is utterly beyond me as they quote top dollar for their wares!! The more obvious picture disc rip offs are also becoming more prominent – again why people are falling for this is strange, especially as most collectors are pretty savvy. Hopefully something will be done to clamp down on the industry at some point… as it’s robbing people of hard earned cash.

    On a similar note, I had the pleasure of buying directly from seller who turned out to be none other than Steve Giles – of Dark, Dark Round the Edges fame. He is manufacturing cd presses of his brilliant and collectable album and charging a pittance for them – a wonderful bloke and a bit of a hero of mine :) Nice to see an artist trying his best to prevent people profiteering from illegal presses of his music.

    Anyway – I do rather like that MKIII picture disc featuring MKI music – I think I might buy it … ;)

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