Look away now

Mark Jones says his U.S. based brother Shaun saw Deep Purple in Shawnee on September 20th and was able to snap the set list for us, so press the back arrow now if you don’t want to know!   He reports being impressed with Gillan but that the crowd was a bit sparse. The title names are those on the actual set-list by the way, it seems even with computers someone cannot be bothered to type in the full titles!  Or as some cynics might say, cut and paste from last time.  But there are some change abouts and Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming is back too.  So it’s a two thirds oldies, one third reunion set (including one from the current LP) which probably works for most of the American crowd. Still it gives me an excuse to show this great pic of the group taken a few years ago by Finnbogi Marrinsson which he sent us (I think it’s from a show in Finland) and I’ve been admiring as I back them up. The new set list is below the pic!

Deep Purple 2004.jpg

Highway  / Pictures  / Bloodsucker / Demons Eye  / Screaming  / Uncommon Man  / Lazy / Bedlam  / Keys  / Perfect / Space  / Smoke / Hush  / Black

2 Responses to “Look away now”

  1. George G Martin Says:

    If the crowd seemed a little sparse it’s because it’s the same set list they did last year when they toured through America. Only one exception they added Demons Eye and took out Strange Kind of Woman. I realize there are certain songs they have to do and also songs that Gillan can still sing to spare his voice and Morse can still play to spare his wrist but I could make a better set list that would work for both band and crowd. Take out Bloodsucker and add Smooth Dancer, take out Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming and add Place In Line, and since this is such a short set list add Johnny’s Band in there somewhere. With this setlist now your giving the crowd 2 songs that have never been played live before at least as far as I know and 2 songs from the current album. Just my opinion, I will still go to see them and always will and they will be great like they always are.

  2. Harry Heathman III Says:

    Same setlist as the Seattle, Washington, USA show on September 11, 2019. Steve played The Star Spangled Banner at the beginning of Uncommon Man to commemorate the 18 years since the 9/11 attacks on the USA by the Saudis.

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