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John Spiers spotted Ian Gillan in the National Archives at Kew recently… not visiting, but on display!  They have an exhibition about the Cold War up at present, and devote a cabinet to the subject as reflected in books and music of the time. So “pop artist” Gillan’s 1981 Mutually Assured Destruction 7″ single is included. We know we’re getting on when stuff like this begins to turn up in public archives but it’s interesting to see curators paying attention to it.


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3 Responses to “On display”

  1. Mohan Thampi Says:

    Recently watched a 1983 movie called “WarGames”, thematically similar to the brilliant “Dr. Strangelove” on nuclear annihilation but this time with computers. The military supercomputer, WOPR, is programmed to respond to nuclear war attack. A hacker thinking it is a computer game starts an all out nuclear attack to play the game. The supercomputer WOPR thinks it is a real Soviet nuclear attack and prepares to respond. There is no way to stop WOPR launching the US nuclear response until the movie ends by playing a simple game. Watching it, I was reminded of Gillan’s “Mutually Assured Destruction” and thought that should be the movie title and on the soundtrack!
    Interestingly, there is line recalling the DP MK1 song “Chasing Shadows” from a General’s response when told the WOPR controlled radar is seeing Soviet aircraft on the way and is then told they can throw false radar readings making it look like their aircraft are still 600 miles back. He responds something like “My God, we will be chasing shadows!”.
    Looking up the computers used in those days – came across the late Gary Kildall, the true pioneer of the microcomputer becoming the PC. His CP/M software is from from which operating systems for Microsoft and Apple are derived. Looks like there was hanky-panky in his system not being selected for the IBM PC. Has harsh words to say in his Wikipedia page about Microsoft from his memoirs.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I do recall the film but haven’t seen it. I do have the remastered Blu Ray of Dr Strangelove though, brilliant film (but then there is only one Kubrick film I don’t really go for). Those early days of computing are fascinating, I still have my old Mac Classics working every so often…

  2. Arthur Smith Says:

    Got that one in my archive too somewhere!

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